Garden leftovers

Gardening is work.  There is no denying that.  It does however, in my humble opinion, beat the HELL out of cleaning bathrooms.  I much prefer the smell of soil and the smell of the different plants and leaves to the smell of bad male aim, if you take my meaning.  When we lived in the country, I did solve bathroom problems and garden problems by having my husband pee around the perimeter of the gardens at night.  This is very effective rabbit repellent and probably provides some nitrogen to the soil as well!

At any rate… back to gardening as work.  What an utter joy to come out to find little gems in the early spring garden that are leftover from last year!  We did have a mild winter (even for us) here in middle TN and I have 2 bunches of swiss chard that are growing – one green and one red.  I also cut back some kale that was still growing about 2 weeks ago and I’ll be able to harvest a stir fry or kale chips recipe in a few days.  And last but not least, leeks!  Lovely, luscious, expensive leeks are growing in my garden!  I tried to start them from seed in the garden in several spots last summer and got nothing.  Not a peep!  But – one row that I planted in the fall started to come up just as it was getting cold and I thought they’d freeze.  Well those hardy onion cousins are standing straight and about 8″ tall.  Can’t wait to sautee, stir fry and make the crunchy leeks litlsis has been raving about.  Joy!

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