My Sister’s Recipe

It was a day for sisterly cooking.

First of all I prepared a quick and easy recipe my litlsis sent me.  Oddly enough, I cooked it while also scrambling eggs for breakfast so it would be waiting for us when we returned from a TaeKwonDo tournament.  The house filled with the smell of oregano and onion as we packed up our sparring equipment, packed some snacks of almonds and cashews and rehearsed our forms one last time.  The lentils and rice were slowly and surely soaking up all that wonderful smell and taste within a bath of chicken stock.while we kicked, punched and yelled, “Yes Sir!”

For lunch we slipped out of the hot and loud tournament facility to a lovely little cafe nearby which served all organic, local and field raised meat, veggie and grain dishes.  The owner of the cafe was being helped today by her sister and her sister’s children.  Despite child labor laws ; ) our order was taken by a very cheerful and handsome 10 year old boy who was very eager to help his aunt.  He carefully wrote down our order… no abbreviations allowed… and then ran into the kitchen to help prepare the meal.  His mother and his aunt were clearly aligned not only genetically but idealogically as well.  What fun to watch another loving family in action.  I expressed my appreciation to the owner for offering healthy alternatives in a retail sea of grease and sugar.  And I express my appreciation to my own sister as well as she fights the good fight for healthy food for her children and for her community.

Oh, and the lentil and rice casserole is delicious.  A little cheese on top.  Savory, filling, satisfying, and my grown up and getting to be grown up boys loved it as well!

One response

  1. Long live the lentil!!!! So glad you liked it. I personally think lentils are the unsung hero of the vegetarian world – they still have the bean benefits but in smaller bites so if bean texture is not your thing (as is was not mine for a LONG time), lentils are the way in. And did I mention that they are cheap as cheap can be? Rah, rah, sis boom bah… go lentils! And go local yummy organic restaurant people!

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