It Had To Be Blue?

So I was winding my way through some unfamiliar aisles in the grocery store today – more about that MUCH later – and I saw the strangest thing.  Amongst the boxes of bags of microwave popcorn there was one VERY strange looking box.  I quickly picked it up and read the ingredients.  Blue 1.  Yeah, I figured that popcorn didn’t come in that color.  I was pretty astonished and kind of alarmed that one of the artificial colors that the Center for Science in the Public Interest find to be untested/dangerous for some/best avoided was there dancing around on glorious popcorn kernels.

I should mention that I am a self-talker while in the store and as I read these ingredients I was mumbling and squinting through my reading glasses which I was holding in my hands because the arms are too narrow and squeeze my giant head, so it’s no wonder that the young man stocking shelves down the way looked over with concern and asked if he could help me with anything.  I, in my usual graceful fashion, held up the offending box and said: “Do people actually buy this stuff?”  As always happens when I ask these questions, he responded: “I just bought some for my nieces the other day.”  AWKWARD.  We concluded together that it was probably alright since he was their uncle and aunts and uncles do such things and that since I was the Mom it was okay that I was obviously too horrified to buy this wonder of modern food technology for my own deprived kids.  Really?  Blue?!  Popcorn is so amazing; why on earth would you need it to be blue?!  And the number of “easy” bags there on the shelf was INSANE!  How many choices of instant popcorn do we need?  Am I the only one left who buys kernels and pops them?!  Blue?!

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  1. Popcorn presents so many wonderful childhood memories. There was the machine we had that would pop the kernels with a little vegetable oil. We enjoyed watching the popped kernels fly around the dome of the machine searching for the exit into the bowl. There are memories of shaking the pot over the stove with advice from Mom to shake ‘not too hard’ and keep the lid down tight. And who could forget Jiffy Pop, the precursor to microwave popcorn, over a campfire? But my FAVE popcorn story is a recent one. About 6 years ago (tells you how old I am that I think 6 years is a recent memory) my son had his best 5 year old buddy over and they asked if they could have popcorn for a snack. Well this particular buddy was a fan of mine and wanted to help me make the popcorn. So I got out a pot, some kernels and some vegetable oil. He said, “What are you doing?” I said, “Making popcorn.” I poured some oil in the pan and then asked him to pour some kernels in the pot. He said, “I thought we were making popcorn.” “We are,” I said. “No we’re not,” he said. “Hang in there,” I said. He was not convinced that we were making popcorn until the kernels began to bang around inside the pot. Even then, I think he was actually surprised to see the mound of steaming popcorn when I lifted the lid off the pot. My fan looked at me with big eyes and said, “Wow!”
    Our efforts also tasted better than microwave popcorn : )
    To make popcorn this way, simply coat the bottom of a 2 quart / 3 quart pot with oil like canola or safflower. Make sure the pot you choose has a good lid.
    Cover the bottom of the pan again but with popcorn kernels. Cover and turn on medium high to high.
    When the kernels begin to pop, gently move the pot back and forth over the burner without scraping hard. Alternately you can shake and put down for a couple of seconds repetitively. Hold down the lid with the other hand as popping can get strong!
    When the time between pops is more than 3 seconds the popcorn is done. Pour it out into a big bowl and try it plain before you salt, butter, parmesan cheese, or soy sauce it. YUM!

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