The Not So Big Push…

In most of my life I’m pretty good at estimating the amount of time that a task will take, or simply admitting it to myself when I have no clue as to how long a chore will require.  When I’m in the garden this skill seems to vanish completely and every foray has a to-do list that goes something like: 1) Go outside in the beautiful weather, 2) clean everything up, 3) make the dirt better, 4) repair equipment, 5) plant food, and 6) watch my yard produce enough to feed us all!  In my estimation this should take approximately 2 hours – okay – GO!!!

So I told you we were gearing up to do major overhaul, and we did, sort of.  Over the weekend we cleaned up one of the two beds, amended the soil with new top soil and compost, tore down old (much chewed) plastic fencing, installed shiny new 1 x 1 chicken wire, amended soil in the herb and greens bed, planted onion sets, spinach seeds, spinach seedlings, leek seeds, pea seeds (bush and vine), kale seeds, romaine seedlings, kale seedlings, and cauliflower seedlings.  Well, at least it sounds like a lot once I write it down.  I was sure we’d get the other bed cleaned up too…

Here’s a shot of how the whole place looked at the beginning…. this is the side we’ve not gotten to yet, with the hoses I forgot to remove… one of which didn’t make it. Expensive mistake number 8 million…

Here’s me trying not to be noticed while I weed the bed that we already cleared off.

Pleasant surprise #1: volunteer leek!

Pleasant surprise #2: volunteer fennel – from last year’s seeds sent by a seed saving friend in Michigan.

Pleasant surprise #3: volunteer celery, next to leftover beet, leek, and onion. The leek was still good.

Yucky garden: lovely garden. Lots done, more to go. It WAS awfully nice to have a surprise fresh leek to eat as reward.

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