Pancake Palooza 2: Not Just For Breakfast Anymore

Okay, okay, so the idea of having pancakes for dinner is nothing new.  People have been eating breakfast for dinner, or “brinner” as a friend of mine dubbed it, for a long time.  The thing is, I’m not so interested in repeating the relative sugar fest that pancakes can be at the dinner table.  But I’ve told you about the elevated position that pancakes hold in our culinary life…  so I decided that a little re-imagining might be in order.  Okay, so maybe it was because I had a weird collection of items in the fridge that I wanted to use up and realized I needed something to tie it all together – why pancakes of course!  But SAVORY pancakes.  I must also admit that this was a transparent attempt to draw my daughter in to dinner – our trickiest picky eater time.

It was an unmitigated success.  They both tried all of the vegetables that came with (and ate many of them) and joyfully ate the pancakes.  I only had to explain once that there would be no syrup or fruit on top of them because they were a different kind of  pancakes.  So I thought I’d share this with you, for when you have an odd assortment of items that you’d like to tie together in about a half an hour.  Our savory pancakes were topped with roasted asparagus (it’s time people, and this is one of the clean 15, so you can feel okay about getting it for a good price), chickpeas (which they love!?), grape tomatoes, corn (frozen, not worth it), leftover vegan cheese sauce, and some spring onions.


  • 1.5c whole wheat flour
  • .5c corn meal
  • 2t baking powder
  • 1t baking soda
  • 1.5t salt
  • 1t herbs – whatever matches your toppings best (optional, I skipped because they don’t like “green things” in their food and will destroy a pancake picking a fleck out)
  • 2c non-dairy milk (or moo juice if you drink it)
  • 2 flax eggs (or chicken, if you eat them)
  • 4T olive oil (part of what makes them savory, you see)

Procedure is the same as for other pancakes.  Warm skillet in oven at 325.  Make flax egg and chill.  Mix dry, mix wet (add chilled flax egg).  Combine wet and dry.  Let rest 10 minutes.  Scoop with 1/4c measure into pre-warmed skillet on medium stove.  WATCH for firm edges and a few bubbles.  Flip.  Keep warm in oven.  I served all toppings separate as this works better for my small people, but it does make a pretty plate to assemble the items before serving.

So now you know, the possibilities are endless.  Mexican pancakes, Italian pancakes… whatever your leftovers and random bits suggest to you.  Pancakes make it possible… at least they do in my house.


4 responses

  1. Ah the savory dinner pancake. Your pancakes look fabulous.
    A different version of this idea worked extremely well for us when my now 11 year old was 2 and 3 years old. I added pureed vegetables (I know here I go sneaking in pureed vegetables again) to pancake batter and prepared the usual way, just a little less liquid required to get them the proper consistency. My toddler then happily consumed whole grain pancakes at the same time he was eating:
    sweet potato (which he admittedly would eat anytime, anyplace, anyway)
    He loved that he could eat these with his hands. And I loved that he could eat these vegetables with his hands. He would bang on his high chair tray and sing out, “More pancakes! More pancakes!” And I gladly complied.
    Your dinner pancakes look much tastier to me… but for those with toddlers out there, thought you might like this idea as well.

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