Blow Your Mind Breakfast

Angela Liddon Blew My Breakfasty Mind...

or Angela Liddon, I love you.

So like most bloggers I am a blogophile.  There are many that I visit with some regularity, and recently there is one that is a bit of a go-to for me.  The author is Angela Liddon who is extraordinarily gifted at created nourishing food that is absolutely delicious, like not just everyday yum, but vacation yum if you get my drift.   My search for real and nutritious foods has been made much more decadent by Angela’s gift with food – and her camera skills are something else.  It’s a mouthwatering site, as you can see to the left.

OK, that’s nice, what is this, a blog review?  No, it brings me to the last in my series of oatmeal-based Sugar Busting posts.  Now that Easter has happened, I’m guessing a few more people might be interested in making some cuts here and there in that sugar count.  WHAT DOES THIS HAVE TO DO WITH ANGELA LIDDON AND WHAT IS THAT PICTURE LITTLE SIS YOU ARE KILLING ME?!!!  Sorry, Angela Liddon is the creator of that heavenly concoction to the left, which I have made and it is stunning.  More importantly, half of it is made with the final oatmeal option I’d like to offer you as a substitute for boxed sugar poo cereal, overnight oats.  No, not Crock Pot oats.  Those are hot; overnight oats are eaten cold and are delicious.  They also offer all the flexibility that hot oatmeal does in terms of flavoring, and most importantly when looking at a picture like THAT one, they can accompany a thick smoothie to create an incredibly satisfying treat, ahem, I mean breakfast.

So, we’ve changed the definition of “instant oatmeal,” friends.  There are three ways you can have oatmeal as quickly as you can cold cereal: 1) a big breakfast bowl that includes raw oats, 2) Crock Pot oatmeal cooked while you sleep and 3) cold overnight oats (either with or without smashed frozen fruit).  You DO have time for a healthful, low sugar breakfast, not only that, the options are just delicious.  For basic overnight oats, Angela Liddon’s is my go-to recipe and it’s not just because I get to sing “Ch, ch, ch, chia seeds,” everytime I prepare it.  She also has lots of variations on the theme and I strongly recommend giving her site a whirl.

There are many other versions of overnight oats out there – a testament, I think to the plain goodness of the dish and the idea behind it.

One here at Kath Eats Real Food that features yogurt.

Enough for a group here at Whole Foods.

And a lovely version with strawberries here at PBFingers.


So there you have it.  “Instant” oatmeal three ways.  Hopefully somewhere in my oatmeal extravaganza, I’ve convinced you to look at your breakfast bowl a different way.  Come back and let us know what you’ve tried and how it tasted.  See if you can work one into the rotation.  You just might surprise yourself.  And before you know it, it will be strawberry season and your retrained sweet tastebuds will be ready for it!

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  1. Another vote for oatmeal is as an alternative when going out to breakfast at a restaurant. During my wonderful visit to Little Sis’ neck of the woods, I had breakfast at a diner-type country restaurant with my Dad and son. Who could pass that up even knowing that I was not likely to find an plant matter on the menu besides the begrudging tomatoes and green pepper in a western omelet? Well there it was. Oatmeal and fruit cup. The oatmeal was lovely and delivered with a SIDE of brown sugar so I could determine my own level of sweetness and a cup with cantaloup, honeydew, green grapes, and strawberries. One spoon of brown sugar later I was enjoying a simple, satisfying and healthy breakfast. The incredible, edible oat – recommended by Mr Ed and other intelligent creatures. Can’t wait to try some of the cold overnight oats!

  2. YES!! Overnight oats are delicious! Perfect for the warmer months too. I learned it is a staple in raw foodie land too! I can’t imagine having cooked oats after playing with all the possible variations of these, although I’m sure come Winter I’ll change my mind! Thanks for the great recipe and post!

    • A lot of raw or at least partly raw recipes seem to be sneaking into my repertoire. Just yummy. And yeah, it’s a whole lot easier to shun hot food when it’s warm out. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by – always great to “see” you.

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