Faith in a Seed

Waterlogged Cauliflower

I was feeling a little blue yesterday because, as predicted, I have managed to overwater my seedlings yet again. It’s hard to see in the photo, but the bottom leaf on this plant is discolored, a leaf below that actually shriveled, and the growth is quite stunted. Other seedlings have also become stunted in their growth and are lighter in color than they should be. The tricksy bit about overwatering is that the signs of it look an awful lot like… wait for it… underwatering!!!! Super. So unless you are really paying attention or you’ve learned this lesson an adequate number of times for it to stick, you may actually water your seedlings to death in an attempt to make them look like they’ve not dried up and begun to die.

Unlike years past, I recognized the situation a bit earlier and have put my seedlings on the DWTSMYM (don’t water them so much, you moron) plan and they seem to be bouncing back.  I will be buying larger healthier seedlings to supplement my stock.  Still, this is a quantum leap over last year, and if I’d made notes on the whole process, I probably wouldn’t have to be buying any seedlings from anyone…. So back to feeling a little blue. And then I went outside…

Supplementary Cauliflower Settling In

and saw these…

Still More Asparagus

And these…

Precious Peas

And this…

Volunteer Onion

And this…

Volunteer Fennel

And… sweet swimminy… these…

Blurry Potato Seedlings

Though I do not believe
that a plant will spring up
where no seed has been,
I have great faith in a seed.
Convince me that you have a seed there,
and I am prepared to expect wonders.

Henry David Thoreau

Feeling adequately bouyed, I was able to grab my hacksaw, rip into the gutter and do this…

Yay Spring!

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  1. Your cauliflower looks great. Mine have a few little holes in the leaves that I seem to have stopped by spraying my regimen of 3 different SLBFYATPS (supposedly less bad for you and the planet pesticides) but they do not seem as full and healthy, hmmmm. Working some magic up there are you?

    • Nope. That one’s just luck. They’re in the side patch which has been surprisingly lucky despite quite a bit of shade. As for bugs, I think it’s just colder here still. I imagine it’s just a matter of time. My pachysandra, on the other hand, looks like a larger beasty has been eating it.

    • Thank you back. There’s another post in here somewhere that gives more specific tips for seedlings. For me, when I have trouble, it’s almost always because I’ve watered too much. It’s like a compulsion or something.

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