Sharing the Kudos

Little Sis and I are having such fun writing this blog!  It truly adds to the fun when we think someone is enjoying our blog or is learning something from little ol’ us.  We certainly have learned a lot from our fellow bloggers.  So as our friend Anna at oceannah has nominated us for a Liebster award, we would like to thank her…

Thanks Anna!  It’s great getting to know you through your wonderful blog about organic gardening in NY!  Little Sis and I do love all the gardening help we can get : )

And per protocol we are going to share 5 interesting details about ourselves and also nominate 5 up and coming blogs to also receive a Liebster award.  Liebster means favorite and here are some of our favorite up and coming blogs (blogs with less than 20o followers).  We will post on their sites to let them know they’ve been nominated.

And our nominees are…

the imagination muscle which presents wonderful photos of gardens, art and life

What Would Happen If?…. a wonderful blog following one woman’s journey from lover of comfort food to locavore and making them overlap

Hippie Itch  wherein a woman chronicles her quest to include more yoga, tree-hugging, animal loving, and DIY projects in a life with a desk job

Healthy Family Quest is full of wonderful recipes and advice from a healthy, mindful, vegetarian family.

and New Home Economics – in the author’s words “New Home Economics is where saving money and reducing my carbon footprint meet.  This is my journal of my family’s attempts to improve the health of our bodies and our planet, on a budget.”

Please visit these sites as they all have wonderful things to share!

And as for our interesting tidbits:

1) I used to torture Little Sis in the car by SAYING the lyrics to “Where Have All the Flowers Gone” over and over and over.

2) Little Sis and I don’t look very much alike but have similar laughs and many of the same facial expressions and gestures.  Sometimes we say the same thing at the same time and then often simultaneously say, “That was spooky.”

3) We both have been classroom teachers, me in elementary special education and Little Sis at the high schol level both in an upscale suburban school and an urban school for kids in trouble.

4) I’m kind of gross – I’m a nurse and enjoy bodily fluid and noise jokes, whereas Little Sis often stops me from sharing stories… “Wait!  Do I need to know ALL the details of this?”

5) Little Sis knits beautiful things including the poncho I am wearing in my profile pic.  Maybe she’ll teach me someday ; )

That’s it for the Liebster Award post.  We’ll be back today or tomorrow with more on our sisterly adventures with food, health, and fighting the good fight against poisoned ‘food.’


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  1. Thanks for nominating my little sis for a Liebster Award at Healthy Family Quest. I have 5 sisters, and we all have the same laugh, too!

    • A big THANK YOU from Healthy Family Quest. I’m enjoying your blog and truly appreciate that you are reading my posts. I’m working on a response now, and need to figure out how to reblog your post. I’m clearly a novice but having fun with it all!

      • Hey there! So sorry it took me so long to respond. Frankly, I don’t know how to reblog either, but I found I could copy the ‘Liebster’ picture by right clicking on it and saving it so I could plunk it into my own post and then I just copied and pasted anything else I needed. But no worries and no pressure to passing it along. It’s a fun and gentle thing of recognition : ) We want to keep blogging fun : )

  2. Reblogged this on wuppenif OR starting from scratch and commented:
    I’m really chuffed to have been noted by the ladies over at My Sister’s Pantry in their selection of blogs to highlight. Do check out My Sister’s Pantry – great recipes, strong opinions and fantastic food for thought on what we eat.

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