The Easiest Tomato Sauce EVER

Ahhh pasta-pizza-pasta-pizza-pasta-pizza-meatball sub (Yikes, did I say meatball sub?)  I actually do not like meatball subs, but as a diner and a mother, I LOVE pasta and homemade pizza.  They are both so kid-friendly, leave room for variety and the inclusion (and hiding) of numerous vegetables, and I am indeed grateful to the Chinese and Italians who brought these wonders into the culinary world.

My willingness to chop and chop and chop some more and stir and stir and stir some more is very high when it comes to pasta or pizza sauce.  But what if there were an easier way?

Enter Choosing Raw – a wonderful vegan/raw foods site run by a pre-med at Georgetown medical school who also studied nutrition.  She makes me feel lazy she does so many things and I can tell you that I don’t often feel lazy.  But I heartily forgive her for she inspires me AND she has a recipe for raw tomato sauce that you make in your blender.  Very little chopping if you have a Vita Mix.  Very nutritious.  Are you excited yet?  I was very excited.  Low chop, quick and healthy…. but will anyone eat it?

We tried it out on the kids while Little Sis and Bro-in-Law had a night out on the town during their visit and have used it since in a variety of ways.  We do love variety around here as evidenced by Little Sis’ Varia-Bowling from yesterday – that woman is clever indeed!  So the little people preferred plain raw vegetables being deconstructionists, but my 11 year old declared it the best sauce he’d ever eaten.  He has repeated that declaration and asked if we can have it again.

Yes we can!

And you can too.

Here is the recipe:
Sweet Pepper Marinara (adapted from Pure Jeevan)
(Serves two)  – I quadrupled this recipe
1 very large red or yellow bell pepper, deseeded
¾ cup cherry or roma tomatoes (I used one 28 oz can of fire-roasted organic diced tomatoes – remember I quadrupled – or something around that)
¼ cup sundried tomatoes
1 Tablespoon olive oil – I did not quadruple this, I just dumped but I think it was definitely less than this
¼ teaspoon salt
Generous sprinkle dried thyme
Generous sprinkle dried oregano
¼ cup basil (I used a sprinkle of dry)
Stevia to taste (I did not use this)

Whiz this all together in your Vita-Mix or other strong blender til smooth and serve cold or warmed.  I offered the masses their choice of thin, raw zucchini slices, whole wheat spaghetti or quinoa as the underlay for the sauce.  It was very tasty and so fast it makes me tear up just thinking about it : )

Notice the orange-y color from the peppers.  Not as red, didn’t bother 11 year old boy at all.  May have been a factor in Little Sis’ kids opting for plain vegetables.  Not sure, but they ate vegetables so I was happy.

The next day I warmed some up with leftover noodles for my son’s lunch thermos.

(There is a dollop of anunrefinedvegan’s olive tapenade on here – even yummier)

At lunch that day I put some on a dosa.

Several days later I spread some over a serving of lentil/rice casserole to eat at work.  Looked like meatloaf – tasted much better!  Better for me!  Viva Las Vegas-tables in all their pared, pureed, or plain goodness!

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    • You are most welcome! I feel confident that you will enjoy it : ) Here’s to hoping we both have lots of tomatoes for this and other recipes! Thanks for stopping by.

    • Won’t it be grand to eat fresh tomatoes again? I have my first grape tomato turning…. should be in my mouth fairly soon! Hope you like the sauce!

  1. “I used one 28 oz can of fire-roasted organic diced tomatoes”
    Oh no! Kind of defeated the whole purpose of the “fresh” sauce. But cheating is OK sometimes, I guess.
    “I have had my Vita Mix for about 15 years now.”
    Wow! I guess I know which one to get now. That’s some machine!

    • You are right Brad – the canned tomatoes were cheating but there are not yet good tomatoes available here, so at least some of it was raw and all of it was quick and vegetable matter.
      The Vita Mix is indeed an incredible machine – although quite expensive – but you can grind grain into flour, knead bread, spin vegetables with such power that if left running it will heat the contents up for you and of course make fabulous smoothies and – who knew – tomato sauce.

      • Yikes! I actually do appreciate you sharing this bad news about canned tomatoes- part of being in community! Well, there are the boxed tomatoes from Europe – and of course the best option is fresh – guess I’ll have to buy extra at the farmer’s market and can my own this year in nice glass jars!
        I’m with you on smoothies – love them – and so does my 11 year old, even with odd things thrown in.

  2. This was supper yummy! I threw in some garlic as well. Served it up cold over whole wheat pasta with a splash of balsamic vinaigrette. Reminds me of the unhealthy spaghetti salad that we used to serve at a place I used to work – but better! My hubby and my 1 year old liked it too, but my four year old just wanted plain pasta (eye roll).

    • I’m so glad! Yup, 4 years old – that figures, doesn’t it? It was Little Sis’ five year olds who wouldn’t try it either. I confess that I’ve always thought plain noodles with butter and salt were really terrific… the kid in me.

  3. Yes, I can’t recall the brand, but I remember seeing a boxed at the store that looked pretty good.

    I’m sorry, I just started reading (and enjoying) the blog, but are tomatoes not available year round where you are, or do you avoid grocery store tomatoes for some reason?

    • To be honest I have never purchased anything other than grape tomatoes at the grocery store because my experience with them has been that they are mealy and tasteless and out of season they are very expensive. But I guess they’d be better than nasty chemicals. I’ll have to re-visit the grocery store tomato, at least until they are available locally.

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    • Thanks for stopping by Christy! It is much easier to go raw with a blender so the little people don’t know what’s going on 😉 Let us know how you like the sauce!

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