Carni-Mom Feeds the Troops Crabcakes

My poor carnivorous mother.  How did the T-bone fall so far from the tree?

The whatever it is that fell from the tree doesn’t even look like a T-bone anymore… more like an artichoke, or a glob of spirulina, or an apple!  And it happened twice.  Our mother has always been a meat lover of the sneak-a-raw-bite,-savor-the-organs,-suck -the-marrow variety.  So how did she end up with daughters who lean vegetarian and are both experimenting with raw foods?  Well, I’ll tell you.

I don’t know.

Perhaps a case of nurture over nature? or of nature over nurture?  I’ll stick with I don’t know.

In any case, she still loves us, even with all the beans, and has happily sampled all our dinner offerings this week in all their grainy, vegetabliciousness.

She enjoyed our plant based meals but also wanted to provide us with one of her specialties.  Carni-Mom wondered if we would be willing, or able, to consume either fried chicken or homemade crabcakes, both of which she does really well.

Luckily, Mom asked me about this fleshy dilemma on the phone, so Little Sis had no say and I was able to shout, “Crabcakes” quickly and unequivocally.   I explained that if Little Sis didn’t want to eat crabcakes I’d make sure there were lots of vegetables to satisfy her and would help eat her portion of the crabcakes.  I know, pretty self-less.

Despite my self-lessness, Little Sis ain’t no dummy and she wisely decided to eat her share… as did everyone (except the picky twin) with relish.  (Not really with pickle relish – not even tartar sauce or cocktail sauce necessary for these bad boys.)

Oh boy oh boy!

So here is the recipe my wonderful Carni-Mom uses to produce golden, lumpy, zippy bits of scavenger meat.  No shelling required on our part.  Thanks Mom!

Carni-Mom’s Crabcakes (adapted from the Old Bay Seasoning tin)

1 lb. crab meat
8 single saltine crackers (Carni-Mom used gluten free this time – thanks again Mom!)
2 Tbsp. mayonnaise
2 tsp. Old Bay seasoning
chopped fresh parsley (couldn’t pin her down on an amount – about a third of a handful was the best we could do)
1/2 tsp. yellow or dijon mustard
1 egg, beaten

Smash crackers into small pieces.  Mix in everything but the crab meat.  Stir in crab meat.
Shape mixture into patties.

Only 12 minutes til chow time!

Broil 6 minutes each side.
Eat quickly enough to get seconds, but not so fast that you don’t truly savor this wonderful thing.
Thank the cook.

It has been one of the blessings of this week spent together at the beach to both give and receive food that is nourishing, often new, always tasty, and of course, seasoned with salty air and laughter.  Wishing you the blessing of healthy and savory gatherings with friends and family!

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      • Haha. She lives in Mexico so I don’t see her much. We are re-reading Jane Eyre together at the moment. We keep emailing back and forth about how much we love Rochester.

      • That is really sweet! Inspires me to start a reading club with Mom and Little Sis. What a lovely way to stay connected!

  1. crabby cakes are some faves in our house too. Is my mom your sister? She still says, of her favorite way to eat meat, “rip off the horns slap it on the arse and put it on my plate” blech. I remember her making london broil that was a quivering red soup she’d then take bread w/ a slab of buttah and soak it in the ‘juices’…. I became a full fledged dyed in the woad vegetarian at 16…stayed that way til I was growing a baby 16 years later. One of the main reasons I stuck w/ it was how it irked her heheh……

    • How funny. My Mom and I used to split plates at restaurants – she got the meat from both plates and I got all the veggies. My Mother actually ate a small piece of raw liver one time – yikes!
      I love that you are a dyed in the woad vegetarian 🙂

  2. My mom is a carni through and through. The liver-and-onions, juicy burger, slabs of kielbasa kind of carni. But she wholeheartedly supports me and my crazy ways. What else can she do – – she’s my mom! PS crab cakes were a pre-vegan obsession for me. I totally get you choosing them over fried chicken. No contest.

    • So wonderful to have a supportive Mom! Glad you enjoyed some crabcakes pre-vegan days. I do not like to eat fried chicken anymore… skin is disgusting. Blech! Kind of silly when you know how crabs live and what they eat, but hey – there is not always sense to our choices in this regard!

  3. Being from the Eastern Shore (of MD) I can not resist a good crab cake. So many good memories of growing up. Crabs were plentiful and free! Your mom’s recipe sounds yummy and simple. The best kind.

    • Indeed – it was wonderful that crabs used to be plentiful and cheap! My parents grew up in Baltimore and my grandfather used to bring a bushel of crabs with Suburban orange soda to our house about once a month. And of course Mom would pick the leftovers (when there were any) and make these yummy crabcakes. Glad to bring back some memories!

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