Crispy & Floppy Veggie Chips

Your response to my dear Little Sis when she was in a pickle over how to make easy, healthful pickles inspires me to share not my latest great idea or great find but my latest flop.  Or perhaps I should say floppy.

I do love crispy, salty things.  As does my 11 year old who feels unjustly deprived by the lack of Doritos in this house.  So in trying to appease both of us I have attempted kale chips with mixed success and decided to branch out into have a go at some other veggie chips.  The experiment also afforded me the opportunity to try another dehydrator recipe in the oven.  Little Sis received a dehydrator as a gift but is wondering whether the counter space for the thing is well spent.  What if you can do it all in the oven?  I had good success with the Raw Nut loaf in the oven!….. maybe other things will work as well?

Don’t return that dehydrator just yet Little Sis!

I started by using my Mandoline to slice some zucchini, and what the heck, some beets, into very thin slices.  I placed them in a bowl and tossed them in a little olive oil, vinegar and salt.  I gently and lovingly laid those soon to be delectable, crunchy, PMS soothing, delights out on a parchment covered baking tray and popped them into my oven on the lowest setting possible, which in my case is 170 degrees.  I checked them periodically and after about an hour when they started to look a bit wrinkled and flat I flipped them over.  This is what the undersides looked like..

I was getting a little excited.

A bit later I tried one.  Still a bit chewy.  Put them back in.

See how much smaller the beets are from the juice spots?

Finally, after another 20 minutes or so, I tasted one and it was crispy and delicious!  I ate a bunch of them right then and there warm out of the oven.  Had I eaten them all right away that would have been the end of the story.  I would now be humbly telling you how brilliant I am.

Enter ego check complete with blowing whistle sound.

About an hour later I came back for more yummy, crispy veggie chips.  They had been sitting on a plate cooling and they were floppy.  My son had no interest.  I ate some more determined to make nutritional use of my time , but they were nothing I’d write home about… or blog about!

So I placed them outside on the metal baking tray in the hot sun.  Still floppy.

That’s a sad state of affairs!

Okay, so I’d love to hear from those of you who have successfully used your ovens in place of a dehydrator and how you and what you did!

A few points about my attempt.  It is possible that I used too much oil and vinegar, except that the chips were briefly crispy!
My house is currently air conditioned against the 100+ degrees temps we are enduring, so relatively dry.
I probably should have dried them on a rack not a plate – but the difference in crispiness was rather stark!

And last but not least, the experiment was not in vain as I did get a handful of delicious warm and crispy chips plus this incredible piece of parchment paper artwork.  Next time I will lay out the chips in a more artistic fashion!

Almost flag-like for this 4th of July week

Please share your deeds of dessication!


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