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Many of you saw my post following the unhappy discovery that my Breyer’s ‘ice cream’ was not actually ‘ice cream’ but was labelled as ‘Frozen Dairy Dessert.‘  I have been watching the freezer section and, oddly enough, which varieties are still labelled as ‘ice cream’ and which are ‘frozen dairy dessert’ varies not only by region but by time.  I have found both peach ice cream and peach frozen dairy dessert in the freezer at my Kroger on different recent occasions.  I check it out every now and then out of curiosity because we have received a huge reaction  (huge for our little blog that is) to that post.  Many people from all over the globe have found, read and posted their dismay over the addition of chemicals to the formerly ‘all-natural’ ice cream here on our blog.

Once I vented my anger on the blog I had planned to merely let my dollars do the talking to Unilever (the corporate parent of Breyer’s).  Your responses impel me to write to Unilever.  I thought I’d share the letter with you, our lovely readers!  Please feel free to add your responses on the matter to Unilever :

Dear Unilever,
I am extremely disappointed in the changes that have been made in the ingredient list of Breyer’s, the formerly all-natural ice cream.  Upon discovering that many Breyer’s flavors, even simple ones like peach, do not even qualify for the label ice cream, but are sometimes labelled as ‘frozen dairy dessert,’ I stopped purchasing your product.  I was a loyal Breyer’s customer, buying your product exclusively for many years because the labels lived up to your advertising campaigns boasting of natural and recognizable ingredients.  I stopped reading the labels of simple flavors because I
trusted your reputation.  Of course when you added flavors with cookies, I knew that those flavors did not meet your previous chemical-free standards, but I never bought those.  I bought and enjoyed vanilla, chocolate, coffee, cherry vanilla, and butter pecan knowing that although ice cream is an indulgence, at least I was offering a wholesome indulgence to my family.

I would have left my protest to your ingredient changes at the level of my dollars in the grocery store, but for the fact that I write a blog in which my sister and I explore feeding our families real, wholesome food.  I posted my dismay over the changes in the basic Breyer’s flavors and have been overwhelmed by the response.  I thought you might like to know that my little blog, in the vast sea of internet information, has drawn 186 views and 53 comments to our post, “Frozen Dairy Dessert, Really Breyer’s?”.  The comments all express dismay over your decision to include more chemicals and less real food in what used to be known as Breyer’s all-natural ice cream.

There is a market for your old ice cream!  Why not save a few simple flavors from chemical modernity.  I know lots of people who will buy it.  I don’t need caramel color, guar gum, tara gum, mono & di-glycerides, corn syrup, carageenan, or unidentified ‘natural flavors’ in my ice cream.  And I won’t buy yours as long as they are on your list of ingredients.

I am guessing that the folks who buy your flavor blast varieties won’t even notice if you take the chemicals out of your original flavors and convert the frozen dairy dessert back into ice cream.

Lisa Bromfield
“AKA Bigg Sis”

Little Sis and I are curious to know what you find in your grocery freezer.  Does your store carry Breyer’s ice cream?  Frozen Dairy Dessert?  Both?  Please check the simple flavors and let us know what you find.  Power to the People…. Right on!


20 responses

  1. One can only hope….my husband was so dismayed when we noticed the change. He only got Breyers 2X a year – Thanksgiving and Christmas, vanilla bean served with pecan pie!

    • You are so welcome. I feel like I should be doing more of this…. next up, trying to get the hospital where I work to stop serving soda. An uphill battle I’m sure!

  2. Very important post and I admire you for writing Unilever. The truth is all the all-natural brands have been bought by big companies and they are all in business with the chemical companies, or intimidated by them. Even Whole Foods, where I shopped weekly since it originated (that’s like 20 years or something), recently threw in the towel to Monsanto and said we aren’t going to fight anymore over GMO labeling. The stores are still as crowded, as people just don’t pay attention. But, I am one customer who does not regularly shop there anymore. Who’s got time to read every label every week? I want a store I can depend on, and that happens to be my local Co-opertunity Market in Santa Monica. I’m lucky I have a choice. Where my mother lives in a small town in TN, there is absolutely nothing healthy to eat. All the folks her age are too old to garden and the under 80 crowd gave up gardening years ago. It’s no wonder we have a population that is overweight and living on prescription drugs and going to the doctor constantly. Keep up the good work!

    • Thank you for sharing this info Kaye! I am now disappointed in Whole Foods as well. So I guess anything with corn or soy in it is in question, right? And you are so right, the loss of gardening is a true decline to our nation in terms of health, and I think of mental health as well!

  3. Hooyah! I loved that post, and I love this one equally as well. Thanks for holding Breyer’s against the wall for their choices that their consumers would end up paying dearly for with their health in the end. Who knows, maybe it will make a difference!

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  5. Oh NO!! I just read this post & I want to cry. I didn’t realize all that stuff about Breyer’s. I will have to check our frozen dessert section at Shop ‘n Save & see what I can switch to.

  6. so happy I saw this info,thought it was just me. Had a bite of butter almond and immediately knew something had changed! Very slimy texture and just not the same..was so surprised to look at the container and see the label “frozen dairy dessert” huh?? It was not good! My favorite ice cream has been ruined!!!

    • Yes ruined! And just when many other companies are striving to provide more natural products with less dangerous ingredients, an old stand by deserts its loyal fans! Go figure. Other folks have suggested Turkey Hill natural, and Harris Teeter natural as similar in old Breyers ingredients and cost. If you want other ideas for eating real food – check out the rest of our site :-). Thanks for stopping by!

      • I get plenty of exercise when I shop for food as it takes a lot of physical effort walking up and down the ailes(?) looking for real food and as I’m older it gives my brain plenty of exercise avoiding all these unwanted and undesirable-healthwise-additives.

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