Camm (coconut almond milk mash) Cookies

If I didn’t tell you, you wouldn’t know that I am writing about last week’s cookies! (Course I had to tell you. I’m not very good at keeping secrets – you can ask Little Sis.)

My family has been on the road visiting other family, including Little Sis (yeah!), Step-daughter and 2 of my three wonderful step-grands, and we are now enjoying The Chautauqua Institute in New York with Dad and Step-Mom.   Little Sis kindly has posted in my absence and now I’m cooking in someone else’s kitchen…Luckily I have pictures from last week’s second endeavor to use the almond milk meal (AMM) leftover from making almond milk.  And most importantly, I took a photo of the write-on wipe-off board on my frig where I noted the ingredients…

Ignore the cumin – from an earlier endeavor 🙂

In the past I have been an overzealous holiday cookie maker who then embarks on the dreary 12-step process of cookie-making recovery.  Despite having only made it to step 4 this year, I have been thinking about treats that can go in a lunch box and be eaten by my gluten-free husband.  Here is my attempt to make something recognizably treat-y from AMM.

CAMM cookies
1/2 cup almond milk mash
1 Tbsp. butter
2 Tbsp. liquid sweet (I used 1 Tbsp maple syrup and 1 Tbsp. agave)
1 egg
1/4 cup shredded unsweetened coconut
dash salt and vanilla (I’d guesstimate 1/4 tsp vanilla for this small batch)

Preheat oven to 350
Line a cookie sheet with parchment paper
Mash together the AMM, butter, and coconut
add coconut, vanilla and salt
add beaten egg

Drop by spoonful onto parchment lined baking sheet

smash with a fork to flatten
Bake for 25 – 30 minutes or until getting a little crispy.
If you take them out too early (I tried taking them out at different times) they stay kind of mushy.
Cool on a rack and enjoy!!

As I contemplate my only child entering Middle School with the concomitant increased freedom and exposure regarding worldly foods and foibles, I am going to attempt to provide snacks in the lunch that will entice him to walk the straight and narrow – or narrow-ish.  It ain’t going to be easy my friends!  But my rapidly rising (in height, ability and attitude) 6th grader thought these cookies were awesome, so we’re off to a good start.

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  1. If they are 6th-grader approved, they’re right in my book! They sound delicious! Lo and behold, I have both the unsweetened coconut and the almond milk! Score!!
    Thanks for the recipe!

    • You are very welcome – the season approaches when we really need ammunition in fighting the junk food battle!! Hope your child likes them as much as mine did 🙂

  2. I just made these, but my almond mash was a bit watery still (no nut bag, just a spoon to push the liquid out of the fine mesh strainer for my almond milk). I ended up adding about 3/4 cup of all purpose flour to thicken it up. BTW, I also doubled the recipe . . .
    They are great! I think I’ve already ate about 6 of them myself. My husband wasn’t as thrilled as I think he is used to really sweet cookies. These have a nice balance to them. I used 1/2 honey and 1/2 agave nectar. No bitter aftertaste.
    Thanks for the recipe!

    • You are welcome! I love to hear about solving problems like too wet, too dry, etc. Maybe it’s better your husband doesn’t like them. You get to eat them all yourself!!

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