Hopeful Autumn / Hopeful Community

There is a blog relay taking place about hope.  What an amazing time of year for a blog relay about hope!  Thanks to our friend Somer for passing the baton to us, and my apologies for taking so long to share my hope 🙂

I find delicious, fulfilling and inspiring hope in many places right now.

There is the hope of harvesting – that crisp and sweet payoff for lots of sweat equity, albeit some of the equity has been gnawed upon by creeping, slithering and flying creatures, both with and without backbones.  And they hope to continue finding sustenance in my garden 😉

A change in season brings the promise of fresh tastes we haven’t had in 6 – 9 months.  Personally I’m hoping that I can fend off the disease and bugs long enough to harvest a few winter squashes.

And for a geek like me, new books, ideas, conversations, and friends combined with shaking up the dormant portions of my slightly used brain all provide great hope.  I am delighted to be embarking on a schooling adventure to become a Family Nurse Practitioner.  I hope that this position will give me more opportunity to help people change their health and the way they think about their bodies, their communities and their planet via eating food… real food.

Amidst the hope comes preparation for the onslaught of activity.  Keeping my family well fed through it all would not be possible without my freezer, or without ziplock containers.

How did they pack lunches before ziplock containers, thermoses and Sponge Bob lunchboxes?  A tin pail with a sweet potato.  Wow.  We haven’t resorted to that yet.

So how to manage all this change and maintain the hope?  Organization, dear friends, also gives me hope!  So here is our new plan.
We (my husband and I with some input from 11 year old son), plan a week of meals ahead of time. We then make a grocery list, hoping to cut down on trips to the store for the missing ingredients from today’s last minute decision for dinner.

We bought these nifty write-on-wipe-off calendar thing-a-ma-bobs, as what is a great plan without needing to buy a thing or two?  This helpful thing lives on the frig.  You too can acquire them at Amazon!

Days I’m working hubby knows exactly what he is supposed to de-frost / prepare / use up, etc.  I note when I need to soak beans, nuts or my head on the calendar to forestall the last minute despair over not having soaked almonds for almond milk, or beans for the planned dinner.

We include in this plan what amazing 6th grade boy will eat for lunch so we can pack it a night or two in advance and take advantage of leftovers.

Finally we are approaching his lunches in little plastic containers. Goodness knows I don’t want to add more plastic to the environment, but at least they are re-usable, right?  We pack fruits in cups, veggies in cups, snack mixes in cups and homemade baked goods are packed in cups.  The latter being frozen so we’ll have a variety to choose from.

In the AM we heat up and pack the entree in his thermos and choose 1 fruit, 1 veggie, 1 snack mix and 1 baked good to cover lunch and his late morning snack in language arts class.
My son helps make the snack mixes by choosing trail mix type ingredients that he likes and we mix a variety of:
dried fruit
popcorn, and

into the ever-present plastic cups 10 at a time, again attempting to make more than needed for a while and then he has several mixes to choose from.

I hope we can maintain this, because so far, it is working like a charm.

I also hope to continue to be as active in the blogging world after I start school because there is another thing that gives me enormous hope for the future and that is the dialogue that takes place in this community.  How can one not find hope in this exchange of ideas across physical and psychological divides. You folks give me lots of hope. There are so many people with a real interest in living healthfully and sharing what they know with others simply for the joy of sharing.  You rock and I thank you for the hope that you inspire in me.  If you have a blog ad would like to carry the baton forward – we’d love to hear from you about hope.

Yours in hope for a future where all children and all people have the knowledge they need to make better food choices and where real food is readily available and affordable to all.

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  1. I love the idea of having a variety of mixes so that they have choices in the lunch making process. I bet that cuts down on the, “That’s what I had for lunch YESTERDAY!”
    I’m going to try to use that – thanks!!

    • Thanks! It’s all a big snowballing ride of organization over here right now – some working out better than others. The bowls are definitely a keeper 🙂

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