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    • I thought the change over time was particularly jarring. I’ve tried to approach every new recipe with an assumption of cutting the sugar in half. I’ve been surprised by how good everything still tastes. Some I’ve even gone down to a third – becomes a bit of a game – how low can I go and maintain the “essence” of the thing. Now I really want a cookie. LOL.

  1. I agree about having those visuals to really drive this home. We’re not soft drink people (a very rare treat for the kids), but do like our sweet desserts and jam. I too try to substitute honey or maple syrup for sugar, for healthy sweeteners, but could do better…

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    OK- I do not eat refined sugar and rarely drink diet sodas- this is an eye opener. When I was growing up I remember always drinking soda and eating “sugar bread” (bread, butter and sugar!) –

  3. I really, really like this. What kills me is the amount of sugar children consume. No wonder our nation is starting to have so many obese children and those with type 2 diabetes! Nuts!

    • Right? I think it goes something like this “Aw, they’re just kids.” Like, it should be nice for them, fun food. Rather than “Hey, they’re just kids, with little bodies that shouldn’t have to process all that crap.”

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