Sushi Salad

I used to make sushi.  Truth is I wasn’t very good at the rolling part.  It took a long time and my sushi rolls always came out humpy and bulge-y (as Max the rabbit would say).  Huge rolls that fall apart when you try to eat them.  Still tasty though, and good for you, especially if in your rigid approach to grains you insist on using brown rice.  So, I got to thinking…. If it’s going to fall apart anyway (due in part to the use of brown rice), and after said falling apart we will shovel the remains out of a bowl of soy sauce and wasabi… Well then why not just throw in the towel by throwing all of the sushi ingredients into a bowl?  Why not indeed?

So… what you need to make a sushi salad (if you like cold) or a sushi bowl (if you like it hot) is:

– sheets of nori (paper like seaweed)
– sticky, slightly sweet rice
– wasabi (which can be purchased as a powder or a paste)
– soy sauce or Bragg’s liquid aminos
– some type of fish like product :  I used lox.  (I used to use fake crab meat but am uncomfortable with the product now – but hey it’s your call!)  You could also use cooked shrimp, or if you are really brave, raw tuna or something.  I don’t go there because I took parasitology back in undergraduate days.
fresh crispy vegetables like cucumbers, carrots, peppers, avocado
and if you like, some lightly sauteed greens.

Cook the rice as normal and when it’s getting close to done, heat equal parts of rice vinegar and sugar to melt and combine.  I made 1.5 cups of dry rice and used 2 Tbsp. of each.  I added it a bit at a time and didn’t use all of the vinegar/sugar.  So that gives you a starting point.  After the rice has absorbed the water, add the mixture and stir.

If you choose,sautee some greens in a touch of your fave oil with a smidge of sesame oil.  I used kale and I also threw in some sesame seeds.

Now either let the rice and greens cool or proceed for warm sushification.

Chop your veggies into salad sized chunks (avocado is HIGHLY recommended)

Mix your wasabi powder to package directions.  You can then add it some soy sauce or Bragg’s to make a little dressing.   This is a very personal mixing as wasabi is hot and different products will pack different punches.  Try mixing a little of the two and then tasting with a little rice.  Set aside.

Mix ingredients to your hearts content, making sure to sneak some of the greens into little people’s bowls under the rice 😉

Add torn pieces of nori as you pile in ingredients.  I you add it all at one time you will get chunks of nori which most people probably won’t care for.

dried bits of sunshine and the sea

After all is in the bowl carefully apply soy or Bragg’s with or without wasabi.  My son does not do wasabi… I love it.

Place the bowl in a strange place to catch some of the last light of this beautiful autumn day here in middle TN and enjoy.

Humpy and Bulge-y looks much better in a bowl I think.

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  1. I am from middle TN and I declare the whole area could use some of your cooking!! I’m at a loss as to where to eat a meal when I visit my hometown. When I see your recipes, I can’t believe you are living there and coming up with such creative meals!! 🙂 I hope i can remember to look for this recipe when my kale comes in that I planted today! – Kaye

    • I am very flattered Kaye! We are blessed with several farmer’s markets and a Kroger with a great health food section here in Spring Hill.. and Franklin is not far away. Although Whole Foods is very pricey, there are a few things that I get there that are difficult to find elsewhere. Where do you call home now?

  2. This salad looks fabulous! I kind of want to make this for lunch now… If only I had some kind of fish product in the house…

    I think the trick to making non-bulging maki-sushi is to spread the rice very thinly, only over 2/3 of the sheet of nori, and then to use WAY fewer fillings than you think should be in there… Also, when you roll it up in the rolling mat, squeeze confidently! (And squeeze at a few points while partially rolled, and again at the end.)

    • It’s probably the using less part that I have the most trouble with… probably also means one should slice things like cucumber and avocado very thinly…. another deficit on my part – I do appreciate the tips though, sometimes it is nice to get the presentation right as well 🙂

  3. The hubs and son LOVE sushi and I’ve always been intimidated at the thought of making it. This how-to is wonderful and I can’t wait to try it! Thanks!

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