Roasted Butternut Squash Soup

If you haven’t had butternut squash soup before, then this is the time and the place my friends.  Fall brings somewhat reasonable prices to the glorious elongated globules of goodness and this is a very easy way to make something that your family and friends will think took a very long time.  Don’t you love that?

First off, I hate peeling squash.  Too many corners… peels too tough, and many of you already know that I have an aversion to peeling.  So I roasted, let it cool and scooped instead.  Here’s the squash before roasting….

Simply cut 2 butternut squashes in half, scoop out the seeds.  Peel and then cut 2 onions in half and brush them all lightly with your favorite oil.  I brushed the bottoms of the onion and the tops of both.

Place on a baking sheet and in a 375 degree oven for about 45 minutes.  I confess this is an estimate.  You want the squash to be soft.

This can be done ahead of time.  Let the squash cool to the point where you can pick it up – or if you’re like me, until the point where patience is no longer functioning and the asbestos fingers inherited from Grandmother Lillian come into play, along with just a little swearing under the breath… which was not inherited from Grandmother Lillian… and scoop out that gorgeous flesh and into a bowl for later use, or right into the high speed blender, or a pot where you can use an immersion blender.  I do not have an immersion blender and have not tested this recipe, so user beware!  I am blessed with a 12 year old Vita Mix.

I placed one whole squash and one whole onion
2 cups of vegetable stock
1/2 a cored but unpeeled apple (I used Gala)
1/4 – 1/2 tsp sage
1/2 tsp salt (or to taste)

in the Vita Mix.  I poured out one blender full into a pot on the stove and then repeated.

Even better than bubblin' brown sugar
Oh man is this stuff good.  My 11 year old who is a devoted hater-of-squash ate it.  It wasn’t his favorite, but hey, we can’t have our favorite all the time, can we?  It builds character to suffer through Mom’s favorite once in a while, don’t you think?

Please share your favorite butternut squash recipe, cause I’m on the lookout for more of those glorious globules 🙂

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  1. This morning the toddler saw a display of butternut squash and picked up the smallest, just his size and smiled. How could I say no to him with that cheezy grin? And it was $1. I ate butternut pasta last night, looks like roasted butternut is coming soon too 😉

  2. ok, i am trying this one AND the cold kickin’ one. yum. my favourite thing to do with butternut squash is to peel and slice it (if you scoop out the innards and then microwave it for one minute, it’s easier to peel) and then slice a couple of apples (peels on) and toss them all with some melted butter, brown sugar and cinnamon, throw it in the overn at 350 for about 45-50 imnutes. it’s like dessert.

    • Thank you SOOO much for this idea. I love making sweet potatoes and pumpkin into simple, healthy desserts like this… why not a butternut squash. Awesome. Hope you like the soups 🙂

  3. I stopped by from the Transformation Thursdays party. My grandfather just brought me 2 mutant butternut squashes from a farmer nearby (these things are like 20 lbs each!) . I needed some squash recipes as I have a LOT of squash now haha. I am pinning this.

    • Don’t you love finding a recipe that appeals for that big ol’ whatever it is that s in your kitchen? Of course it’s tempting to paint a face on your squash and make it a new comic book hero…. Thanks for stopping by and enjoy your soup!

  4. so simple – so great 🙂 butternut anything is a good idea and soup is fabulous for the chilly weather we’re having right now.

    p.s. i also hate peeling squash. it never fails that i bruise my knuckles.

    thank you for sharing your post with us at the Wednesday Fresh Foods Link Up! I hope we’ll see you again this week with more amazing seasonal & real food posts. xo, kristy.

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