Nut Butter Recall

Hey friends.  Pretty massive nut butter recall going on.  If you have some, please be sure to check the list for your brand.  I know a lot of folks are trying to cut processed foods this month; this is a great time to whip out a high powered blender and throw in some nuts.


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    • Didn’t know about the aflatoxin thing…. I dislike anything labeled with “safe limits.” Blech. Okay, I have a blender that really leaves me no excuse on this one. Homemade PB on the way.

      • fyi, the aflatoxin is in the peanut…not the processing…it’s a mycotoxin that can be found on a variety of grains/nuts If you’re making your own then it’s a simple thing to just not use any that look funky/moldy. In large production though…let’s just say it’s right up there w/ sausage making 😉

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