I Feel Pretty…. Like A Beautiful Blogger…

I know this will shock you, but we are LONG overdue in expressing our gratitude to our fabulous friend at Fine Frugality… She nominated us as Beautiful Bloggers mid August.  And then school started….  That’s all I’ve got as an excuse, but with twins starting kindergarten, I’m going to forgive myself, so I hope she will forgive me as well.  We are both delighted to be awarded by our fabulous colleagues and we are both always impressed by the number of amazing people out there talking us through amazing feats in daily life.  We are grateful to be able to get to know (digitally at least) all of you.  So, according to the rules of these kinds of things we’re supposed to reveal something about ourselves and nominate some blogs for folks to recognize their awesomeness and to allow you to bask in their awesomeness as well.  Frankly, after a recent post, I think we’ve revealed just about enough of ourselves. I will reveal that Big Sis is an awesome sister and I am pleased as punch to be able to continue to do this project with her amazing self.

1. My Sweet and Savory – great recipes for those seeking healthier eating and she does a Meatless Monday link up if you’re looking to link up or looking for A LOT of meatless recipe ideas.
2. Vedged Out – Our fab friend Somer with all the info and flavors you need for a healthy plant-based lifestyle.
3. Kelly the Kitchen Kop – features real food recipes
4. The Conscientious Omnivore – thoughtful consideration of our food culture and food related issues
5. Cheeky Bums Blog – How could you not love it with that name?! And real food for families to boot!
6. Growing a Homestead – an inspiring chronicle of the TRUE construction of home
7. This Chick Cooks – more fabulous real food recipes!
8. The Peaceful Pantry – she makes split peas and apples work together.
9. Hey Beth Baker – rocks a healthy meal plan, for sure.
10. Life in the Slaw Lane – check out the greenhouse they built by hand. Awesomeness abounds.

While I love sharing my most recent bloggy finds, I hate leaving it at a short list. If you’re looking for more fab blogginess, please check out our blogroll and our other award posts. There is much in the way of beautiful blogging to be enjoyed. As always, we appreciate your time and attention, and we humbly admit that the compliments are awfully nice. Be well.

(aka Little Sis)

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