Nut Butter Recall Expanded Again

Hey folks.  Bad news on the nut butter front.  The list for recall has been expanded again.  I urge you to check the following list if you have prepared nut butter products in your home.  If you want to steer clear of prepared peanut butter (which seems prudent at this point), you can still have peanut buttery goodness.  If you’ve never made it before, the lovely ladies at A Beautiful Mess have written a fine explanation of how to make your own with NO added sugar or fat, thank you very much.


6 responses

  1. Thanks for keeping us up to date on this. Ick! I have a jar on the list (Kirkland Natural Creamy), which we have been enjoying out of the fridge for at least a month now with no issues…. do I toss the jar? Or are we ‘safe’ since we have all eaten it without any effect? Oh, and we had already finished a jar from this 2-pack (afteall, this is a Costco purchase) a while back.

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