Baby Step #1 Check-In

So…. how’s it going?  I only ask because I know, from first hand experience, that changing your eating habits can feel a little daunting at times.  We eat the way we eat for a reason.  This is how we ate as children.  This is what we know.  This is what feels comfortable.  We don’t think we have the time, the money, or the knowledge to do something different.  We think our kids won’t eat and meals will be too complicated.

I know.  I hear you.  I just wanted to take a moment to remind you.

This is not a test of your character.

This is not a one time opportunity.

This is not an indication of your ability to lead a meaningful life.

This is a choice, that you get to make several times a day.

Step 1 of Baby Steps to Healthy Eating suggests that you choose one item that is not as healthy as it could be, and switch it out for something healthier.  One item; one switch; as often as possible.  Didn’t work out so well?  That’s okay because you can start again right now.

One item; one switch; as often as possible.

Perhaps your enthusiasm waned after a couple of days… perhaps you got discouraged looking at your pantry and trying to choose… perhaps you’re like the Sis sisters and you decided you would give up 20 things right away and you imploded.  It’s all okay because it’s always a good day to make a healthy eating choice.  What’s your switch?

I’ll do it with you.  My switch out is trading all purpose flour for whole grain flour – you say WHAT?!  She bakes?!  Look, that’s the thing, your road is your road, my road is my road; we can all identify one item, one switch, as often as possible. So if you pulled off a switch, congratulations.  We’d love to hear how that went for you.  If it didn’t go so well, that’s okay.  Try again.  We’re still here.  If you need suggestions for where to start, take a look at Big Sis’s awesome pantry upgrades.

One item, one switch, as often as possible.

5 responses

  1. Since October is Unprocessed month (only slipped with a handful of bean and rice chips), I decided to add gluten and alcohol (not that I drank much anyway) to that, and I’m down seven pounds. Very interesting! We shall see if I can keep it up. 🙂 Thanks for the “check-in!” – Kaye

    • Good for you Kaye! I have found myself slipping in the old battle against sugar, and while I am somewhat down the road, I have learned that for me, sugar slippage can add up to jogging backwards and then falling off the cliff…. so, as silly as it sounds,.,.. no more jelly for me. I can do toast with no jelly if it gets the sugar monkey off my back 😉 Hang in there everyone!

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