Strategies for Sugar and Step 2 Check-In

While strolling around some of my favorite blogs I cam across this article from our friend Sarah at The Healthy Home Economist who has some straightforward advice on how to kick the sugar habit.  She does a great job of explaining how each step will decrease the cravings that help drive our need for the sweet beast and lays out 4 steps for kicking it. Honestly, for me these steps would be ambitious, but they are still great steps. The wonderful thing about approaching a diet upgrade with baby steps is that you can always take a change that feels overwhelming or difficult in smaller steps.

Sarah suggests replacing ALL refined sugar with natural sweeteners. A great idea, to be sure, but I have to say for ME that would be a big step. So I might identify some part of my cooking routine that I regularly use sugar in and first replace THAT with a natural sweetener. If, for example I use refined sugar in baking, I might begin to cut the refined sugar and mix in some honey or maple syrup. If I sweeten my beverages, I might likewise try replacing sugar with honey or syrup (it’s really good in coffee – no lie). Breaking that leap down allows successes that you can build on.

So I’m with Sarah – let’s cut that sugar. If you think her steps are do-able, go for it. If they seem extreme, take control of those steps and turn 4 steps into 8 steps or 12 steps. It’s YOUR road, your sugar, your body. If you’ve not found a food swap (see Step 1) to make to get your Baby Steps to Better Health underway, maybe some honey or maple syrup should find their way into your grocery cart… It’s all do-able if YOU name the step and YOU decide how big to make it.

By the way, Baby Steppers, how’s that food journal (see Step 2) coming? (Okay, okay, you don’t have to THROW things at me.) In the event you’ve not yet started, I just wanted to remind you that every day is a good day to make a healthy choice. 🙂

For more advice on kicking the sugar habit, see our Sugar Busting series.

5 responses

  1. i just read an article on replacing sugars in baking – one was suggesting using beets for a portion of your refined sugar. the same article also suggested replacing part of the fat in a brownie recipe with black beans. have you ever tried either of those?

  2. I like all these creative ways to substitute Thrift Shopper for Peace is throwing out there. I tried making the black bean brownies. We couldn’t even eat them. But one step at a time….I’ve since replaced all my muffin recipes and homemade granola with honey instead of sugar, and very, very little. Like 2 to 3 tablespoons instead of the 1/2 cup it calls for. No, they aren’t store-bought sweet, but they’re good enough to eat. And yummy too. I WILL kick this even if it takes me, well, forever. Once upon a time only the rich ate sugar, right? The masses couldn’t get it and didn’t miss it. Makes me think of how George Washington lost his teeth due to his fondness of sugar in tea. (He could afford it, of course.)

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