Leftovers and Spooky Desserts

Once a month my father-in-law joins us for one of our Sunday homemade pasta extravaganzas (and yes, I count myself very fortunate to have Sunday homemade pasta extravaganzas). We always have dessert on Sunday night, but when Poppa comes, we try to make it a little more special in some way. Needless to say the kids have caught on to this particular trend and thus their expectations are always pretty high on Sundays, all day, in anticipation of football, homemade pasta, and some special dessert.

This past Sunday, my husband and I were pretty spent. We used the better part of our weekend preparing for Hurricane Sandy (who I shall now be referring to as the blowy b*&^%) and while my husband trudged valiantly on and made his homemade pasta (green no less, with chard from my garden, yes he is awesome), I was rather unmotivated as regards dessert. And then I realized that I had a secret weapon. In my freezer I had leftover ChocoNana Pancakes. I also had an ample supply of frozen bananas. You see where this is going, right? I warmed up the pancakes. Then I threw frozen bananas, coconut milk, and a splash of vanilla in the Vita-Mix and blitzed the stuffing out of it. I got the ratio a little on the too liquidy side, so I added a fresh banana and some ice cubes. While I blended, the kids used a nifty new cookie cutter to cut out ChocoNana bats. And so a seasonally appropriate, reasonably healthy and super yummy dessert was born. All were happy and satisfied and the kids REALLY enjoyed the chocolate bats. The grown ups enjoyed dipping their bats in their shakes, following the kids’ extremely wise example. Delish… and Boo!

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    • Yeah, we’ve used chard and kale both, depending on what I have more of. Works great – and a nice sneak the veggies in moment. They’ll eat ANY color pasta. The shake was super delish.

  1. We haven’t used our pasta maker in ages, so this is getting me thinking again. You know we’re on the same page about kale and chard! Your spooky dessert looks great!

    • It was delicious – on both counts. Get that pasta maker out! And the dessert was so fast, and the kids were so tickled. I’ll have to be sure I have a few other seasonal cookie cutters so I can pull off another last minute dessert later.

  2. How cute are those bat choconana pancakes! Fun shapes make everything more delicious 🙂 I’ll have to remember how quick that can be whipped up, I’m always looking for super fast snacks, and those bats (or whatever shape inspires us) are def going on my list!!!

    • The cookie cutter has become a big fave tool of mine since I started packing lunches for my twins. Just adds a second of time and makes them so much more enthusiastic about simple and healthful foods. Thanks so much for stopping by!

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