Last Minute Gift

The other day I was in Michael’s, and I came across these little bitty stoneware loaf pans.  In part because I thought they could come in handy, and honestly because they were so darned CUTE, I quickly picked up all of the white ones in stock, and threw in a couple of green as well.  The red that I imagine were there at some point were long gone.  This was a few days ago and I was still in the teacher gift conundrum stage, so I quickly decided I would bake a mini loaf for the teachers and deliver with a card quoting what my children think is most awesome about them (having taught it is my opinion that these cards are priceless – I still have a boxful of them).

I quickly carted my booty home and looked through the mental files for something that would feel like a treat (while still reasonably wholesome), that I’ve made before so I could have some confidence of success, and that wouldn’t take terribly long….  Lo and Behold…..  Intensely Good Banana Bread.

One of the things that’s so lovely about this banana bread in the winter is the deep rich flavor that the molasses gives it.  It doesn’t taste anything like your run of the mill banana bread and fits the bill perfectly for holiday gift giving/hostess giving/table o’ food contribution.  I thought I would share this with you as it is now December 22.  I imagine there’s somebody out there who (like me) has realized they didn’t get everybody, or that they have several gatherings to go to and only one bottle of wine to share.  Intensely Good Banana Bread makes a lovely holiday gift or contribution – in both large and absolutely adorable mini-loaves.

Doubling the original recipes yielded 7 mini loaves. Simple and delish!

This is our last official post before Christmas, but we’ll be back soon after. We hope that you all have a lovely holiday and find yourselves relaxed, refreshed, well-nourished and in great company in the days to come!

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    • Thanks. It’s actually a really lovely conversation to have with the kids too – they really like talking about it and it gives me real insight into these folks who they spend SO much time with.

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