Salmonella Outbreak

Hey Friends!  We’re working on a super special secret-y post to celebrate our blogiversary (!!!) tomorrow, but this announcement of a salmonella outbreak came across my wire and I felt compelled, in the interest of food safety, to share.  Please notice that there are affected states all over the country.  The article indicates that chicken is the suspected (but not certain) culprit and gives source names.  Check out the details for your own and your loved ones’ safe eating sake.  And be sure to come back tomorrow for a FUN post (no salmonella guaranteed).

Little Sis


6 responses

  1. Anyone who eats/supports Foster Farms chicken, or ANY factory chicken (really, have you seen how they are raised? Revolting!) should prepare themselves for illness of some kind or other. When factory farmed chicken is on the menu, skip the meat. Thanks! – Kaye

    • I think that number has actually gone up in recent years, but I’ve not really been keeping track. Honestly, I don’t eat much of it and that makes it a lot easier for me to avoid the mass produced chicken products, but recalls and outbreaks like this always scare me. Makes me wonder how many recalls I’ve missed.

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