Recalled Foods Sold in School Cafeterias

I’m not going to make any jokes about this one.  Check the details here and if your little ones buy lunch, check those menus.  Please share.

Suggestions for quick lunches to pack here.


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  1. After seeing the inside of my children’s cafeteria freezer many years ago I am not surprised. I refused to let my children eat what came out of the cafeteria. Although as I understand it more schools are forcing parents to feed their children the cafeteria foods by insisting on a doctor’s note explaining that your child must have a special diet to be allowed to bring their own. Isn’t that crazy?

    • I don’t understand!?! Why would they do that? Is it to ensure some type of nutritional grant or government subsidy if they have a percentage of children eating school food? Or are they afraid of children bringing in peanut allergens or something? I just don’t get it.

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