The Sisters Hit the Road

Hey friends!  It’s that wonderful time of year when Bigg Sis and I (and our entourages who insist that we cook for them and tuck them in) meet our fab Carni-Mom for some quality time at the shore.  We’ll be taking the week off this time – in the sense that we won’t be posting recipes.  We WILL most assuredly be cooking in between visits to the beach and games of cards, and I’m sure we’ll have plenty to share when we get back.  Who knows – we may even have some pictures of our escapades to share (I know you can hardly wait).  We sincerely hope that you have a glorious unofficial start to summer, that you are able to resist wearing white shoes until Tuesday, and that all (or at least most) of your food choices are real choices.  We’ll be back, refreshed, revived, and most likely more relentless than ever!  Eat well, be well!

Giggling in Anticipation,

Little Sis

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