Cantaloupe recall

5,400 pounds of cantaloupe recalled in Michigan for Listeria.

For more info….

It’s a serious matter but ….

If you cantaloupe – perhaps you should go ahead and have the big wedding, right?

And back in May….

melons“I got new melons for my 49th birthday!”

Eat safe my friends!



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  1. I read up a little on listeria. As I thought, it is a type of bacteria that can grow in soil, water and on food and surprisingly it can grow even in cool temperatures such as in your refrigerator. “LIsteriosis” is what they call a listeria infection and has a higher fatality rate than salmonella. I am certain we hear about listeria recalls more and more because of our weakening soil due to so-called ‘modern’ argricultural methods. Canteloupe is especially susceptible. I recommend using one of these fruit and vegetable washes or bathing raw fruits and veggies in water mixed with vinegar to clean the surface. Even though we don’t eat the cantelope rind, when we cut the cantelope any bacteria on the rind can end up in the fruit if it isn’t washed first.

      • Thanks Patty – and thanks so much for the information. I think your theory of why we are seeing more Listeria sounds very plausible. Especially in light of the effect that Round Up has on soil organisms. We just keep messing with natural cycles and screwing things up!

  2. Oh my gosh – thank you for a good laugh (about a scary subject) on a Friday afternoon.

    We didn’t plant any ‘loupes this year, but the little buggers planted themselves…Best kind of gardening. And no listeria.

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