Gingery Sweet Potato Black bean soup

Wow!  It’s been awhile since I’ve posted!  Little Sis and I have another project up our sleeves and she’s been holding down the fort with incredible food and garden posts while I’ve been working on our other project.  It is so nice being part of a team – especially with Little Sis!

Seems like lately I have found myself elaborating on our own creations rather than starting from scratch or adapting other people’s brilliance to my palate (or ingredient list).  In fact I am going to have to write another post with updates and twists on some of our recipes…. the least we can do is tell you if we figured out how to make it easier or better, right?

Besides busy-ness, an additional test to my culinary creativity is that Mr Bigg Sis has now been advised to avoid tomatoes, peppers, soy and corn as well as dairy and wheat.  You’re killing me Mr. Integrative-Physician-Man!   Did he provide us any recipes?  No.  However, he is a nice man, and, as is true to the name of the blog, a peep in the pantry revealed some ingredients calling to be introduced, or thrown into a speed dating situation with an old stand-by to see what kind of lasting relationship might result.  I think a cooking show should take up the speed dating of ingredients idea to find new interesting pairings, but then again, I’m a little strange 🙂

Looking for love or not, sweet potatoes are always a good starting point for me.  I thought I’d build on Shweet Potato Stew by adding some new ingredients and flavors.  I’m happy to report that a second date is definitely in the offing and while I don’t like to rush anyone, all sides apparently see the potential for lasting bliss.  The result?

Gingery Sweet Potato Black Bean Soup

1/2 Tbsp coconut oil (or oil you prefer)
1 medium sweet onion, diced
1 Tbsp. ground fresh or frozen ginger (freezing ginger makes it much easier to grate, although grated frozen looks like more than it is, so mash it down to measure)
1 tsp. marjoram
5 cups chunked sweet potato (skin off or on)
juice 1 small lime
1 – 1.5 tsp. chili powder
3 – 4 cups bouillion
1 can coconut milk (I used light)
1 large apple, chopped (skin off or on) I used a pink lady
2 handfuls fresh baby spinach
2 cups cooked black beans (drained and rinsed if using canned)
Fresh cilantro for garnish (optional but yummy!!)
peanuts for garnish (also optional but also yummy!!)

– Saute the onions and ginger in the oil until translucent
– Add chopped sweet potatoes, marjoram and chili powder and saute for a few minutes
– Add bouillion, coconut milk and apple.
– Bring to a slow boil and cook about 15 – 20 minutes until sweet potatoes are tender (will depend on how small you chunked)
– Smoosh the apples and sweet potatoes some.  You could blend if you want, but I just smooshed, thickening some but leaving some bites and chunks

– Add spinach and beans and cook a few more minutes to wilt spinach and heat up beans
– garnish with snips of cilantro leaves and peanuts

Soup and a stack of books - Aaaah.  It must be cooling down outside!

Soup and a stack of books – Aaaah. It must be cooling down outside!

This version is soupier and has more interesting flavors going on than the original Shweet Potato Stew (although that is indeed tasty – and fewer ingredients, so a little faster).  We liked it, and none of the offending ingredients were present Mr. Integrative Physician-Man!

Have you come up with any unusual culinary couples lately?

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