Turmeric Recalled for LEAD

FSNBYes, you read that right. Lead in turmeric, that lovely spice so many people are using to heal their colds. The story here is pretty remarkable, not just because of the fact that there’s lead in the spice, but because it’s 280 to 420 times the amount of lead allowed in candy.  And yes, you read that right, there’s an amount of lead that’s allowed in candy.  The details of this heinous piece of news are here. I’m closing my laptop before my head explodes. Eat well, be well, and to me that should mean lead-free.


6 responses

  1. Phew! Your headline scared me. I put turmeric in so many of my dishes, as it is known to heal inflammation. I am not familiar with this brand, so thankfully it is not the one I am using. Thank you for letting readers know. Crazy stuff.

    • That’s how I felt about it too. A friend pointed out to me that the amount that we use with spices makes it less of danger – still, there seems to be an awful lot that’s just sliding under the radar.

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