Pumpkin / Apple / Fig Butter

We have made the wonderful discovery that Mr. Bigg Sis (who has been gluten free and dairy free for over a year now) is able to tolerate Ezekiel bread.  Hallelujah and let the toasting begin!  While there are many attempts at gluten free bread out there (all expensive and all less nutritious in terms of fiber and protein that wheat based bread), it’s just not as good.  He is delighted and although he is afraid to overdo it, we have been especially enjoying some toast with pumpkin butter that was a lovely gift from Carni-Mom.  Fabulous stuff and the price tag of $5.50 on the jar told me that it would be a special treat for now and then.

But wait!  I know, you’re thinking that’s not the spirit of “Anything you can do I can do cheaper” usually encountered on this blog… so I got to thinking….. And when the smoke cleared I decided that although even canned pumpkin is expensive and fresh pumpkins are not to be found, I think I can take a stab at this.

Open the pantry for inspiration and it seemed like some of the wonderful dried figs we received for Christmas from World Travelling Step-Son and Daughter-in-Law would be a tasty way to sweeten and change the flavor up just a bit.


Aren’t they beautiful?  We received a generous amount otherwise I don’t think I would have spared these from their fate of being eaten straight up!

But how to thin the canned pumpkin without losing flavor?  Apples!


I am typing this as the figs I soaked overnight and the apples are heating up in the slow cooker…. Here’s what they looked like when I dumped them in.


Pumpkin Apple Fig Butter or any order you’d like to give those terms…

1 cup of dried figs soaked overnight in 1 cup of water. (I’m thinking this would also be good with prunes, or other dried fruit)
6 cups chopped apples – I leave peels on – it’s better for you and much less work.
1 and a half 15oz. can’s pumpkin (about 3 cups puree if you’re lucky enough to have the real thing)
3 tsp. cinnamon
1 tsp. allspice
1/4 – 1/2 tsp. ginger

1) Dump figs, soaking water and apples in the crockpot and cook on high for 4 hours.  Stir about once an hour to prevent sticking and help the process along.
2) Mash it up a bit and if it’s not real soft, let it cook a bit longer



3) Puree.  (I used a Vita Mix)  Be careful – hot things can bubble , splatter and push the lid up and off!!

You know I love these cosmic Vita Mix pictures - a swirling apple fig galaxy here!

You know I love these cosmic Vita Mix pictures – a swirling apple fig galaxy here!





4) Put back in the crockpot and add pumpkin and spices

5) Stir well and cook with lid off to desired consistency, stirring now and again.  Thickening time will of course vary by taste and by how wet your pumpkin is.







Mmmm mmm.  Look out toast we are going to be slathering you with a lovely pumpkiny butter that cost at least half as much to make, even with organic pumpkin and apples!

P1010450-001Do you put anything unusual on toast?  We’d love some new ideas…. once the pumpkin butter runs out.   Although it will take awhile –  I got to put quite a bit up in the freezer for later!!


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  1. This sounds absolutely wonderful to me. I love finding ways to economize on something that just takes a little effort. I just planted a fig tree yesterday…I doubt I’ll wait for it to produce before I give this a try! 🙂

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