Homemade weed killer

I used to spray Round-up on a myriad of undesirables…. poison ivy, ailanthus trees (known in some optimistic places as ‘tree of heaven’ and some realistic ones as ‘stink tree’), and dandelions.  Round Up was touted as safe for the environment and gardens.  Well, apparently that was hooey (to be optimistic) or lies covering up a cancerous agent, and since then Monsanto has been hauled up in the court of public opinion and found wanting in oh so many ways, ethics being the main deficit.

So when Super-Step Mom was looking for a better way to kill weeds in the gravel driveway, we did a little asking around, a little searching and settled on an easy formula that has indeed done the trick!  I can not find the original recipe that I followed (sorry whoever you were) but there are MANY versions of this out there.  Here is one that is close: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/158400111867245686/

Here is what I used:

Natural and Cheap Herbicide

1 gallon of white vinegar
1 cup of salt
1 Tbsp of liquid dish soap

Combine all ingredients in a bucket and stir until the salt is dissolved and the soap is dispersed and not clumpy.  Pour into your favorite sprayer – I like this one because I look like the tough chick from ‘Alien’

G8oGPqxQhi0dVw3q2M9AEhTCMFa92Lfa5PUkl6-1-Ig=w333-h592-noWell, maybe a little……

Spray only on plants you want to kill!!  This is not a good middle of your garden bed spray because apparently it will be awhile before anything grows back.  We used it to keep the gravel driveway mostly gravel 😉


It works best when the sun is shining on the plant and although the website said it could take a couple of days, it took hours for the plants in the sun to reach the sorry looking state you see above.  How wonderful to find yet another way to decrease the nastier chemicals in the world, save money and get the job done!!!

For some other kinder, gentler gardening mixtures check out our post ‘Gentle Garden Arsenal

Eat well, be well & garden well!

8 responses

    • I am very pleased with the results – even if it needs a re-application, it is much better than trying to pull weeds!! Let us know how it works for you 🙂

    • I found the back pack sprayer in their garage – bonus! It was so fast and easy, and the weeds at the end of the driveway that I didn’t get to yet are a-tremblin’!!

  1. I’m glad you are sharing this info. Did you know that round-up can drift on the wind a mile or more, and ruin all manner of vegetable plants, especially susceptible are tomato plants. If you see your leaves twisting and curling, it is likely herbicide drift. Gardeners use Round-up indiscriminately, unfortunately. I talk to gardeners working on my block but cannot control what goes on blocks away. Until everyone stops using Round-up and Monsanto is not only tried in the court of opinion, but the courts, can we breathe easy. Thanks! – Kaye

    • Thank you for this informative comment Kaye! Sorry it took me so long to reply. I hadn’t thought about drift damaging neighboring crops. I know that drift of pollen causes neighboring organic products to end up with some GMO genes. Yikes! Thanks so much for sharing and I am with you – Monsanto needs an actual trial!

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