Weekly Meal Plan 12/7-12/13

So I was thinking of skipping this bit this week. I’ve got a LOT to do, and then it occurred to me. We still need to eat. So really, the five extra minutes spent sharing a meal plan with you isn’t that big of a time thang after all. If I skip it, I won’t make a plan, and then I’ll be scrambling all week, which definitely won’t help me get these things done… Yeah. So I am here, joyfully… really. Okay, maybe just as a demonstration that there are, in fact, habits that are worth the time in terms of the amount of stress they save us in the long run. I am your living example… on that point only… seriously, that’s a lot of pressure.

And, a few words of prefacing here. I am blessed with a large pantry. It’s a closet basically, with shelves and such. The ONLY bad thing about a big pantry is that sometimes it’s hard to see everything you have and as a result some items may sit around for quite some time. It is my belief that even shelf stable food items really aren’t at their best after some time, so I’m making an effort in these last few weeks of the year to dig to the back of the pantry and use up those items that seem to have been sitting the longest. While I’m doing that I’ll take a look at my spice jars and see if there are any still there from the cretaceous period and give them the boot.

Monday: Mung Bean Stew, wheat bread, green salad

Tuesday: Lentil Casserole, sautéed green beans, cut veggies

Wednesday: Barley Black Bean Chili (an ancient favorite from Cooking Light), corn bread, green salad

Thursday: rice noodle Varia-Bowls with cashews, peas, raw veggies, and peanut sauce

Friday: Dinner Out while Mommy sings

Saturday: Homemade pizza (and a movie), cut veggies

Sunday: Homemade pasta, pesto, green salad

Adult Lunches: Brussel Sprouts with Kimchi (a new favorite from Vegetarian Times), Roasted Butternut Squash Soup

Lunchbox Treats: low sugar graham crackers – we’re getting our big bake on soon


There it is. Headed to a cleaner pantry, at least until I replenish those old staples… Hope your week is full of great uses for old standbys. Eat well, be well friends.


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  1. I wish I was organized enough to plan the weekly meals! I am always on the fly! lol! Thanks for sharing on My 2 Favorite Things on Thursday! See you again tomorrow! Pinned!

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