Roasted Chili Lime Nuts w/ Coconut Oil

Buy me some peanuts and crackerjack… Chestnuts roasting on an open fire…. Ahhh nuts.  I love nuts, especially roasted, salty, flavorful nuts. Unfortunately, the lovely flavor coated nuts that leave wonderfully yummy powder on your fingers almost always include MSG, tons of salt, and many DUBIOUS ingredients.  Dubious, difficult to pronounce, and even detrimental*.  What’s … Continue reading

Waldorf Saute – Walnuts are Wonderful!

Walnuts are indeed wonderful.  As are apples.  And celery.  Well, of course lots of other foods as well, but this combo has been on my mind and was evidently on the mind of the clever person who put them all together in Waldorf salad.  Why stop there?  Why stop with Waldorf salad?  Why stop at … Continue reading

Weekly Meal Plan 2/1-2/7

Well… I’m sorry I didn’t post last week. I suppose I could have come up with some fabulous “Here’s What to Cook When You Can’t Leave Your Neighborhood Post,” but honestly I just wasn’t up to being that positive about it. For those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about, I live in … Continue reading

Balsamic-Honeyed Pecans

I love the idea of giving homemade food gifts to friends and family at the holidays, but most of my old choices seem like ‘too much’ these days.  Who really needs more cookies, fudge or homemade candy?  Of course it is not nice to deprive people of these things entirely but I feel very confident … Continue reading

Weekly Meal Plan 9/14-9/20

I began writing this post and realized that I wasn’t in fact writing this post at all, but another one that discusses overcommitment and its toll on our spirits. I’ve saved that and set it aside in favor of meeting this particular commitment, albeit a day late. If you don’t see the irony here, you … Continue reading

Peppers Stuffed w/ Healthy Yum

Colored peppers make me smile.  Bright colors, shiny skin, green hat…. then after I kill it 😉  they are juicy, crisp and flavorful.  Great raw, sauteed, broiled, roasted, just get them in the mouth!  My grocery store sends me coupons and recipes that require the ingredients for which they sent me coupons.  Clever, right?  Of … Continue reading

Healthy Game Day Snacks

I’m not really much of a football fan. I don’t really even like watching all the stupidly expensive commercials, but give me an occasion to sit with a bunch of friends and have some snacks and a cold beverage and I’m in. While I was walking around the grocery store today, I took a look … Continue reading