Great Grains: Amaranth


Amaranth Breakfast Bowl

In my continuing quest to shake things up around here, I’ve decided to try a variety of grains to see what people used to eat before they decided everything should be on rice or noodles (which are both lovely options in my book). Who says the foods that we’ve settled into as a culture are the ones that will do us the most good? In many cases I think it’s clear that the opposite may be true – but that’s a rant for another day.  Why not increase the number of options and opportunities for the bod to get what it needs by adding a new whole grain to the pantry?  Today’s mission: amaranth.

Amaranth in the field

Amaranth has been grown for centuries in South America and, in more recent years, in many parts of the world as folks have noticed that it is particularly tolerant to drought.  From a nutritional standpoint, amaranth has a lot to offer.  Amaranth is high in quality proteins, shows promise in research in actually lowering cholesterol, AND it is gluten free.  How do you like them Amaranthapples? Continue reading