Step 12: Winning at the Grocery Store

I’m at the grocery store.  I’ve brought the twins (something I try very hard to avoid).  One of them is chasing me with a package of purple glitter nail polish and the other is asking in his most polite voice if he can just SHOW me something he saw a few aisles ago.  I am maxed out.  I have a list but I can’t freaking find it. My cell phone is vibrating into my side and I can see from the screen that it’s an old friend I’ve been exchanging voice mail with for months. Calgon take me away indeed.  This IS shopping, though.  Purchasing the stuff of life happens on regular days with all of their regular promise and regular pitfalls. Despite the purple glitter nail polish pleading (or whatever drives you nuts at the store), we all make it home with some food. Well, at least mostly.

babystep12Here’s the thing.  Like so many of our normal self-maintenance routines, food shopping is very much an act of habit.  If you have not been in the habit of seeking out and buying healthier food, it becomes awfully easy to miss in the market.  And if your market is set up like most markets, they’re not making it any easier for you to get to those real food goodies. There are some critical things to remember about grocery stores if you want to make some healthier selections. 1) Most real food spoils. 2) Much of the food sold in the average grocery store does not spoil. 3) The grocery store is a for profit business, not a purveyor of health.

Let’s talk a little bit about these ideas. so you can come away from this step with a better strategy for hitting the market. Continue reading