Veggie Basics: Roasted Cabbage? Yes, Please!

Brussels sprouts are so cute.  Their big ugly cousin, the cabbage is usually shredded, embedded and outside of coleslaw, dreaded by most children.  While I can’t say that this latest endeavor with cabbage won my son’s heart, he would eat it.  For me it was an addition to Little Sis’ journey to simplify vegetable preparation.  It doesn’t get much easier than this folks and the result was very tasty with lots of room for you to adapt to your family’s taste.

If you can roast Brussel’s sprouts, then why not cabbage?  Maybe other people already are, but this was new to me.  An acquaintance wishing to remain anonymous suggested this idea and I eagerly tried it as the store is full of cabbages for St. Patty’s Day right now.

3 Slice Roast Cabbage.

Yup, you heard me – 3 slices. Continue reading