Chicken and Crabmeat Recalled

FSNBAntioch Farms partially prepared chicken products (sounds appetizing, right?) recalled for possible salmonella. Please see details here. All Natural Jonah Crab Meat recalled for listeria. See here for details, and ignore the picture as it doesn’t seem to match the description of the container being recalled… Eat well, be well friends.

Frozen Chicken, Smoked Steelhead, Beef Corndogs Recalled

FSNBThose of you who’ve been playing along know I’m not likely to have any of these in my kitchen, but where these recalls are concerned, I have this lingering fear that someday I’ll read one a few days too late and see the list of foods I’ve given my kids for dinner. I was late on the nectarine recall over the summer and was so glad I hadn’t shared them with the kids… thus my motivation for sharing recalls for foods I don’t eat. Someone might be serving them up for dinner tomorrow. Frozen chicken details (Foster Farms strikes again, listeria) here. Smoked steelhead details (listeria) here, and beef corn dogs (improper storage) here. Even if these are not foods you eat, please pass these along. Clean fridges, clean freezers, clean eating – but you don’t have to clean your plate – no matter what your mother told you. Eat well be well friends.

Recall on Chicken with Plastic and Beef with E.Coli – Yummy!

Okay, the sarcasm is probably obnoxious, but SERIOUSLY?! 22,737 pounds of ground beef recalled for E. Coli details here, plastic in chicken parts details here. If you eat these bits, please check your freezers as well as your fridge.  If you don’t, but know people who do, be sure they check theirs.  Nobody wants E. Coli, and I’m pretty sure nobody wants pieces of a poultry processing machine in their bodies either. Ugh. Eat well, be well.