Chili Powder Recall for Salmonella

FSNBI’m always surprised when herbs and spices are recalled, but I don’t honestly know why. Apparently they are just as prone as anything else. Check the details on this one here. Eat well, be well, and have a great weekend!

Roasted Chili Lime Nuts w/ Coconut Oil

Buy me some peanuts and crackerjack…
Chestnuts roasting on an open fire….DSC07659
Ahhh nuts.  I love nuts, especially roasted, salty, flavorful nuts.

Unfortunately, the lovely flavor coated nuts that leave wonderfully yummy powder on your fingers almost always include MSG, tons of salt, and many DUBIOUS ingredients.  Dubious, difficult to pronounce, and even detrimental*.  What’s a girl who used to lick her finger and get the extra powder from the bottom of the Cheetos bag, the pretzel bag and the Blue Diamond smokehouse almond container to do?  You know what I’m going to say already, don’t you? Continue reading