Macadamia Nuts, Apple Cider, and Sausage Products Recalled

FSNBRaw macadamia nuts recalled for salmonella. Details here. Unpasteurized apple cider for E. Coli, sold in Canada,  additional details here. Okay, so I blitzed through those, because I just had to get to this last one. My title was a little abbreviated. The actual description from Food Safety News was “sausage-like product.” I’d hoped to not have to ask what on earth as “sausage-like product” is, really. While I didn’t particularly want a description, I figured I’d encounter one. Near as I can tell these babies have a lot of rice in them, which perhaps takes them to some meat to “other” percentage that prevents them from being able to say just “sausage;” I seriously don’t know. At any rate, these particular food product items were subject to “temperature abuse” and “may contain an emetic toxin produced by Bacillus cereus” according to the FDA. I don’t know what that is either, but I’m pretty sure if the FDA says no go, I’m like get me the heck away from that. Feel free to read the details here, especially if you eat “sausage-like products.” Eat well, be well friends.

Italian Meatless Pasta Sauce and Raw Pork Products Recalled

FSNBTullia’s Italian Meatless Pasta Sauce recalled because of potential botulism contamination. Botulism is potentially fatal. Please check out the details and share.

153 cases of E.Coli have prompted the recall of some raw pork products. Please check out the details here, and again, share with your meat eating friends.

Eat well, be well friends.

Hummus, Cottage Cheese and Beef – Recalls Abound

FSNBGood grief. I look away for a second and it’s recall mania. Hummus and other dips for listeria – see here. Cottage cheese for improper storage(?) – here. And 1.8 million pounds of meat for E.Coli – here. If you don’t use these items, please be sure to share this information with your friends. Nasty business. Eat well, be well.

15,865 Pounds of Beef Recalled for E.Coli

FSNBI haven’t really been on the ball with recalls lately, but the quantity here and the reference to “multiple strains of E.Coli” pushed me to share this one.  If you or someone you know use beef, please read the details here. Eat safe friends.

Beef, Chicken, and Deli Salad Recalls

FSNBApparently I’ve missed a few recalls.  E Coli in organic ground beef details. Salmonella in Costco rotisserie chicken details. Ready to Eat chicken and ham deli products details. Check your fridge; check your freezer. Tell you friends.  Eat well, be well.

Ground Beef Recalled for E.Coli

FSNBThe firm involved is in Kansas; however, according to the article, distribution is nationwide – wholesale, retail and food service distributors. It was sold in 40-60 lb cases. I don’t know much about how ground beef distribution works, but I’m assuming those cases were broken into smaller portions.  If you have ground beef, please check your label. Details here. Eat well, be well.

Recall on Chicken with Plastic and Beef with E.Coli – Yummy!

Okay, the sarcasm is probably obnoxious, but SERIOUSLY?! 22,737 pounds of ground beef recalled for E. Coli details here, plastic in chicken parts details here. If you eat these bits, please check your freezers as well as your fridge.  If you don’t, but know people who do, be sure they check theirs.  Nobody wants E. Coli, and I’m pretty sure nobody wants pieces of a poultry processing machine in their bodies either. Ugh. Eat well, be well.