Fast Healthy Breakfasts to Start the School or Work Day

It is so lovely to wake up without an alarm, eat when hungry and at the pace desired.  Ahhhh.  It happened a lot for my son this summer (who had his first summer job and so not everyday), some for Mr. Bigg Sis, and even a little for me.

Despite the beauty of the changing leaves and crisp air and fresh apples, it is a sad fact of Autumn that the opportunities for this type of morning generally are less frequent.  However, as a former teacher, as a mother, and as a human who wakes up hungry, I can attest to the fact that a healthy breakfast sustains better performance in, and appreciation of work and school.  But who has time to make a healthy breakfast?  I thought you might enjoy a list of the fast but healthy breakfast ideas we have shared over the last several years….. and there were quite a few!  This list does not include our many pancake recipes as they do take more time.  I do recommend however that if you make pancakes or french toast on the weekend, make a lot and freeze the leftovers on a tray or plate.  When frozen, remove from plate and place in a plastic bag in the freezer for a supply of fast breakfast during the week!

However, these all are fast, or can be put together the night before and, of course are made from wholesome, healthy ingredients that will keep you and your family members running on full steam until lunch!  Enjoy and please share any fast breakfast tips that you use 🙂

Breakfast Ice Cream or Creamy Smoothies For All

Quick Sweet Potato Brekkie & Open Summer Sammie Brekkie  IMG_0097





Barley for Breakfast – 3 varieties

Quinoa & Oats breakfast / Quinoa & Buckwheat Groats breakfast

Crockpot Oatmeal

Veggies & Oats

Sweet Potato, Apple, Oat Nuclear Incident  1108130629-001






Sweet Potato & Rice

Pumpkin Apple Oats in the Crockpot


 Chocolate Crockpot Oats





Buckwheat Breakfast Bowl

Head out the door with something hearty in your belly that does not lead to a sugar crash, headache, fatigue or hunger pangs in a few short hours.  And enjoy all of the benefits of the end of summer and the beginning of a cool, crisp autumn!

Sweet Potato / Apple / Oat Nuclear Incident: Fast veggies with the Sunrise

It is a constant challenge to introduce vegetables to the breakfast table.  It is in the US anyhow… I’m sure there are places where veggies are more regularly eaten as part of breakfast but it is a struggle here.  I partially solve the problem with smoothies – throw some fruits and veggies in with milk or vegetable juice, hit the button and my child has actually eaten kale before 7 in the morning.  But I do like to find other ways to increase the intake of produce in the morning without relying solely on fruit.

One recent morning (when my good camera was not working, nor was my planning) I looked in the pantry and saw 2 sweet potatoes.  They were close but not touching, clearly having a little trouble getting along and both of them wanted to transform their molecular energy into a new form…. perhaps new cells for my ailing brain?  So I chopped them up fairly small. chopped up a big apple, and nuked the whole lot of red, orange and yellow bits until getting soft.  Although I am dimly aware (especially on the particular morning in question) of objections to microwaving food, I have to say that getting more veggies down the hatch seems to me to over-ride them.  I could be wrong, but I’m sticking to my Veggie-ful approach, and sometimes it needs a little help!!

Okay so now I have sweet potato and apple.  Where to go from here?  Well, after my son reported to the neighbor who gave him a ride to school one morning that he had a big bowl of nuts and seeds for breakfast, I decided we would forego the neighborhood report on the big bowl of potato and apple and add some morning normalcy…..

thus was born the Sweet Potato / Apple / Oat Nuclear Incident

1 – 2 sweet potatoes
1-2 apples
1 cup oats (I do not use quick oats – should be fine)
1 1/4 cups milk of your choice (I used unsweetened almond)
1 tsp. vanilla
1 tsp – 1 Tbsp. cinnamon (I use a lot because it lends sweetness without sugar and is so darn good!)
handful of chopped walnuts
optional: sweetener, raisins, other nuts, broccoli (just kidding)

Chop the sweet potatoes small
Place them in the microwave in a large bowl for a minute or two while chopping the apple
Add the apple to the bowl and nuke again for a minute
Add the oats, milk, vanilla, cinnamon, and walnuts and stir
Nuke for a minute and then stir again.
You can stop and eat this now if you like crunchier / more raw oats or you can nuke it again, but don’t go more than a minute at a time – or even 45 seconds til you see how your microwave does so that it doesn’t boil over the top.
You can also add more milk or water if you want your oats softer.
Add any optional delights!  I encourage you to taste before sweetening as the cinnamon and apple might just do it for you!

If you’ve never eaten soaked oats you may be surprised at eating oats that aren’t completely soft and mush-ified.  It’s perfectly fine – in fact some would argue that they are better for you…. less cooking, less altering of enzymes (uh-oh, the microwave is coming up again)
If you’d like to try some truly soaked oats (no cooking – throw it together at night, ready in the morning) check this out!
And if you’d rather not nuke the veggies you could cook them the old fashioned way the night before and mix in with soaked oats, or pot cooked oats in the morning.  But if you forget – don’t have time, whatever….. you can resort to the nuclear incident.

Here’s my one lame picture from the phone.  


I was very pleased with this concoction and we will have it many times in the future.  It is much faster than some other hot cereals I make PLUS it has a glorious vegetable making it’s way down the gullet prior to 7am…. on weekdays that is.