Recalls: Chicken Sausage, Blue Bell Dairy, Queso Fresco

NewsUpdate6It seems that while I’ve been busily painting and staining, there’s been a whole lot of nasty food contamination happening. Even if you don’t eat this stuff, please give it a scan so you can share as appropriate. Nobody wants to eat these things.

First up apple chicken sausages. Sold under different brand names, so if this sounds like something you have or would buy, please check the details here.  Apparently there’s a risk of eating some plastic machine parts with your chicken. Yeah, gross.

Next we have products from Blue Bell Creameries. This is a Texas based dairy products brand that started as a much smaller recall and has now expanded to their entire line of dairy products because of a risk of listeria. Details here.

Finally, queso fresco from La Clarita Queseria for staphylococcus aureus. More about that particular risk here. More about the recall here.

Eat well, be well friends.

Spinach and Spinach Product Recalls

NewsUpdate6Looks like we’re having a big spinach problem friends. If you have any spinach or spinach products in your house, please read the details that follow. This one has been expanded and it would be good to check where your spinach originates.

Twin City Foods (Washington state) has recalled several varieties of frozen spinach sold under a variety of name brands in places all over the country. Details here.

Superior Foods (sold at Target nationwide) is recalling frozen organic spinach for possible listeria. Details here.

La Terra Fina has recalled spinach and spinach and artichoke dip sold in Costco stores nationwide and Smart on the West Coast. Again the recall was for listeria. Details here.

I have to say I would be a little cautious about spinach until a little more time has passed to be sure they’ve figured out the scope.

Gouda Cheese & Smoked Salmon Recalled for Listeria

FSNBSmith’s Country Cheese gouda cheese recalled. Sold under different names, check the details if you gotta gouda.

Sliced, smoked salmon from Illinois (how that makes sense I’ll never know) recalled. Sold in grocery stores far away from Illinois. Check the details if you have some, share it if you don’t – I mean the news, not the fish.

Eat well, be well friends!

Organic Mangoes Recalled – Listeria

FSNBHey there! This caught my eye coming across the wire this morning – for those of you who aren’t allergic to the outside of the mango and are therefore lucky enough to buy them fresh – check out the details on this recall.  Listeria is yucky. Eat well, be well.

Ground Beef Recalled for E.Coli

FSNBThe firm involved is in Kansas; however, according to the article, distribution is nationwide – wholesale, retail and food service distributors. It was sold in 40-60 lb cases. I don’t know much about how ground beef distribution works, but I’m assuming those cases were broken into smaller portions.  If you have ground beef, please check your label. Details here. Eat well, be well.

Update on Salmonella and Cucumbers

More details here. The article identifies the growers so you can check your labels. The map of those affected is not at all regional, so these babies were sold all over the place. While there have been no new illnesses reported for a while, the CDC indicates that may be because they haven’t developed or been reported to the CDC yet. If you have cucumbers, please check the details. Eat well, be well.