Heating Up and Cooling Down

They called for 90 degrees here in my little corner of the Mid-Atlantic yesterday.  Nine-Zero.  That’s 32 for my Canadian friends, and well, pretty much everybody else in the world…  It’s not an unheard of temperature for our region, but for April, it’s a little, shall we say, prematurely extreme.  What’s a person to do with all this crazy flip-flopping of temperatures?  I covered one half of my garden three days ago to prevent it from freezing overnight and another half yesterday afternoon to protect tender seedlings and cool weather plants from excessive heat. To deal with yesterday’s temps, I also used my greywater recycling system (I use the word “system” with quite a smirk here) and at the end of the day, we all cooled off with a delicious (and healthy, oh my!) treat that I’d love to share. Continue reading