Ground Beef, Oregano, Applegate Chicken Nuggets Recalled

FSNBThese have been out for a few days, but if I didn’t have Food Safety News in my FB feed, I wouldn’t have heard about two of them. Granted, I don’t buy those products, but nonetheless I thought I’d pass the info on. I have to say that I have mixed emotions about all these recalls. The optimist in me says:” Hey, it’s really good that we’re catching these problems and keeping them from potentially making more people sick.” On the other hand… insert cursing and outrage about our food industry here. Eat well, be well friends, and check the news once in a while to see if you’re at risk for something gross.

Ground Beef Recalled for E.Coli

FSNBThe firm involved is in Kansas; however, according to the article, distribution is nationwide – wholesale, retail and food service distributors. It was sold in 40-60 lb cases. I don’t know much about how ground beef distribution works, but I’m assuming those cases were broken into smaller portions.  If you have ground beef, please check your label. Details here. Eat well, be well.