Even Saucier – shortcut Harissa, North African Delight

I know I talk a lot about sauces, which of course makes me very saucy.  And here’s proof of the familial sauciness which abounded at the beach!

931297_585369751496232_988105993_n  How come Little Sis is taller than me?  She’s wearing high flip flops….  Yeah – that must be it!


Shoes or no shoes…. and there was a lot of no shoes during our week at the beach, we ate really well.  We didn’t go out to eat.  We took turns cooking and it was so delightful to plan, share and partake of a week of delicious healthy food with my wonderful family.  I wanted to do something special for them (Little Sis made an incredible plant-based, gluten free birthday cake for me- she is so wonderful!!) and so I prepared ahead of time to cut down on prep time.  In so doing, I have discovered a new (to me) spice mix and sauce that promise to dress up many healthy, veggie-heavy meals in the future.

We went North African one night and I want to share the tabil (a spice blend) and the harissa (which I found a great shortcut for – as we are a little short on North African sauce stores in my neck of the woods) that made the dish so special. Continue reading