My Sister’s Panties

The Sis sisters – Little Sis and BiggSis – made an interesting discovery by looking at the searches that lead people to our blog.  Apparently, more than a few people out there in the blog-o-sphere are looking for “my sister’s panties”.

Yes, you read right.  They either typed wrong, or they really want to know.

We thought we would bring blessed relief to the searchers and give you an inside view, so to speak, on the underpinnings of My Sister’s Pantry.  Turns out both of us prefer Hanes Her Way (unless there is something cheaper on sale) cotton panties, sometimes in patterns and colors just for fun.  Yes, they are kind of cheap, and the elastic frays before it should, but we would rather buy avocados than new underwear…  Which also means we wear them beyond wear, or should I say beyond underwear.   Think  avocados People!

So for all those looking for my sister’s panties… or for MY sister’s panties….here they are!

I can bring home the bacon….

And fry it up like tofu…

SO can we please get back to the food now?