Garlic Powder, Walnuts, and Boxed Mac N Cheese Recalled

NewsUpdate6Hey friends. I haven’t really been on top of these lately, so I apologize if I am your sole source of food safety news. There are many sources of this kind of information out there, including this one, which allows you sign up for notices. I strongly recommend that you find a way to check this info periodically. I have discovered that two of the markets that I use regularly actually contact you in the event of a recall, but in both cases I had already heard about it from FoodSafetyNews and in one of the two cases was able to avoid eating the product altogether because I’d heard about it early enough. Listen, I’m not suggesting you live in fear. I’m suggesting that having access to information about your food is a good thing. So here’s the dealio…

Garlic Powder: Natural Grocers recalls all organic garlic powder for potential salmonella. Walnuts: Wegman’s recalls organic walnut halves and pieces for potential salmonella.

What about the boxed Mac n Cheese? Salmonella – a bacterium associated with food poisoning and other digestive woes? Listeria – a bacteria commonly associated with processed foods? No, friends. Certain lots of mac n cheese may contain metal pieces. Metal pieces. Like, pieces of metal. Not part of the natural world at all, dirty or clean. Do yourself a favor, replace that expensive not very nutritious box of potentially metallically infused macaroni and cheese with our Instantly Healthier Mac N Cheese. Or, if you want a dairy free version, try these Zucheesey Noodles. You don’t need that stinkin’ box.

Raw Milk, Kraft Singles, and Parmesan Cheese Recalls

FSNBIf you don’t eat dairy, please share these with your friends who do.

Cryptosporidium (a parasite that will make you feel totally blechy) in raw milk in Idaho; details here.

Kraft Singles recalled for temperature problems? I have no idea what that means, but if you’re buying singles, I would greatly encourage you to try a cheese that is a little less processed – the flavor is so much richer, and you can cut it into slices, I swear you can. You’ll save a bundle. Details on the Kraft situation here.

Parmesan cheese recalled for salmonella. Details here.

Eat well, be well friends.