Hot As… Cold Salads for Beastly Weather

I’m sure there are places in the United States that are hotter than Mid-Maryland right now, but I’m willing to bet there aren’t as many of them as you think.  For those of you who live in arid regions, we have this nifty thing here called the “heat index.” The heat index says: “The thermometer only reads 85, but yes, it actually does feel like 812 degrees.”  Whenever we hit this part of the summer I like to play a little game.  I think of a place that I’d expect to be hotter and I check.

Tonight in mid-Maryland it’s 88 degrees, but feels like 95.  Just in case you’re wondering, the sun has gone down.  Yeah.  Yum-O.  In New Orleans, the tropics of the United States, it’s 78 with a heat index of 81. Tallahassee: 82 feels like 87. Mobile: 81 feels like 86. Closest I’ve seen so far tonight is Vicksburg, Mississippi: 86 feels like 92. How is this possible? I can be tough about a lot of things, but I have to confess that since central air came into my life, our charming armpit summer is not one of them. I tend to get a little strategic and Strategy #1 is not to use heat creating devices, which makes cooking difficult. Continue reading