I Love Lucy or Vacation Eating

Sheeeeee’s baaaaaaaaaack. Hey friends. As you might have guessed, I have been enjoying a bit of a hiatus. Big Sis graciously covered my fanny online as I took some time with our super parents in a super retreat. We are the lucky beneficiaries of an annual trip in the summer (Big Sis first, we second) that never fails to restore some well-being and hope for humanity (no, really), but I have to confess that it doesn’t typically do a lot for my healthy habits. I had great hopes for maintaining my course on this trip (as I managed to at the beach, where I had Big Sis to help me avoid the ice cream), but I’m afraid this time, I was pretty much like Lucy on the chocolate line. If you are unfamiliar with Lucy on the chocolate line, you may be very young, and I suppose we’ll have to forgive you for that. Regardless of the reason for your unfamiliarity, I would encourage you to check out the fabulous Ms. Ball (in the chocolate and two other food-related scenes) here. The picture above says it all, though. Cheeks full, and a determination to look as though nothing is wrong…. I just couldn’t stop myself.

Now look, don’t get me wrong, regardless of what your internal or external rules are about food, I think it’s pretty reasonable to willfully ignore them now and again. It’s not a point I want to argue – I am just not willing to be that rigid or hold myself to that high a standard. I don’t need to be disappointed in myself that often. With that said, on our trip some sort of switch flipped and it seems that after the first transgression, despite feeling bloated, overly-full, greasy, and a little nauseous, I just couldn’t stop. And so I arrive home feeling spiritually, mentally, and familially refreshed, and further affirmed that for me, there are some kinds of food I really just can’t do, and if I DO choose to eat them, I should do it when I’m with Big Sis so we can be sure it won’t happen the next day too. ūüėČ

On our road back to normal digestion this morning, I chose to give my daughter a soft landing with pancakes. ¬†The kids enjoyed their little fluffy vegan breakfast friends with a little syrup on the first, and then jam on those that followed. ¬†Mommy and Daddy enjoyed pancakes with fresh Western New York blueberries with some date cream spread on top. ¬†And after I had the first two and I felt satisfied? ¬†I stopped. ¬†So there. ¬†And for dinner tonight? ¬†Homemade pasta with both red sauce and vegan pesto options…. ¬†that’s what I call getting back to normal in style. ¬†Many kudos for my wonderful husband’s consistently awesome homemade pasta, and many thanks to fabulous sister-in-law and family for giving us an excuse to do it up with multiple options. ¬†Vegan pesto was enjoyed by all but the youngest in the crowd (my wonderful but picky daughter and my wonderful but picky niece). ¬†So here you are, the cheapest pesto I’ve ever made. ¬†All the yum and none of the pricey ingredients. ūüôā

Welcome Home Vegan Pesto

  • Double batch sunflower cheez spread¬†(omit the dill)
  • 1 large clove garlic
  • 6 cups packed fresh basil
  • 1 t ¬†salt
  • 6 Tbs olive oil

Follow the recipe ¬†for the sunflower cheez spread (to which I am now hopelessly and willfully addicted, by the way), omitting the dill (unless of course you like dill in your pesto), and adding a large clove of garlic. ¬†Process the cheez until it is as smooth as your patience will allow. ¬†Add the basil, additional salt and the olive oil and process again until ingredients are incorporated. ¬†The pesto will not be as green as traditional pesto, but like traditional pesto, it WILL oxidize, so the color will go from green to brown when left uncovered or as time passes. ¬†Stir for better color. ¬†This recipe makes A LOT of pesto. ¬†Cut it to your satisfaction, freeze some, OR play all week with new combinations based on your fan-flippin-tastic vegan pesto. ¬†I’m betting you can guess which option I’m choosing. Delish.