Fast Healthy Breakfasts to Start the School or Work Day

It is so lovely to wake up without an alarm, eat when hungry and at the pace desired.  Ahhhh.  It happened a lot for my son this summer (who had his first summer job and so not everyday), some for Mr. Bigg Sis, and even a little for me.

Despite the beauty of the changing leaves and crisp air and fresh apples, it is a sad fact of Autumn that the opportunities for this type of morning generally are less frequent.  However, as a former teacher, as a mother, and as a human who wakes up hungry, I can attest to the fact that a healthy breakfast sustains better performance in, and appreciation of work and school.  But who has time to make a healthy breakfast?  I thought you might enjoy a list of the fast but healthy breakfast ideas we have shared over the last several years….. and there were quite a few!  This list does not include our many pancake recipes as they do take more time.  I do recommend however that if you make pancakes or french toast on the weekend, make a lot and freeze the leftovers on a tray or plate.  When frozen, remove from plate and place in a plastic bag in the freezer for a supply of fast breakfast during the week!

However, these all are fast, or can be put together the night before and, of course are made from wholesome, healthy ingredients that will keep you and your family members running on full steam until lunch!  Enjoy and please share any fast breakfast tips that you use 🙂

Breakfast Ice Cream or Creamy Smoothies For All

Quick Sweet Potato Brekkie & Open Summer Sammie Brekkie  IMG_0097





Barley for Breakfast – 3 varieties

Quinoa & Oats breakfast / Quinoa & Buckwheat Groats breakfast

Crockpot Oatmeal

Veggies & Oats

Sweet Potato, Apple, Oat Nuclear Incident  1108130629-001






Sweet Potato & Rice

Pumpkin Apple Oats in the Crockpot


 Chocolate Crockpot Oats





Buckwheat Breakfast Bowl

Head out the door with something hearty in your belly that does not lead to a sugar crash, headache, fatigue or hunger pangs in a few short hours.  And enjoy all of the benefits of the end of summer and the beginning of a cool, crisp autumn!

Morning Veggies

I am frequently reminded (in documentaries about other places that my son loves) that much of the rest of the world actually eats a breakfast that looks a lot like the other meals of the day – some kind of grain and some veggies, maybe a little protein, maybe not. And yet these sweet loving taste buds lead so many of  us to constantly seek out a breakfast that does a great job in satisfying a sweet tooth, but doesn’t necessarily do much else.  Despite all my sugar busting, I confess that my own flavor preferences in the morning tend toward the sweet side of the spectrum.

While on the morning in question, I wasn’t necessarily interested in simply having leftovers for breakfast (although this is an entirely reasonable proposition), it occurred to me that I had no good reason for not including vegetables in my morning repast. Vegetables CAN be in a dish that’s not primarily savory. I took my lead from my sister (yet again 😉 ) and just turned up the volume.

The result? Very slightly sweet, super satisfying, nutritionally superb and a definite keeper.

Veggies ‘N’ Oats IMG_0330

  • bowl of oatmeal & leftover sweet potatoes (cooked to your preference; I like my oats decidedly underdone)
  • 1 stalk celery, chopped and cooked with the oats
  • handful of fresh spinach or other mild green, chopped
  • palmful of raisins
  • sprinkle of grated coconut
  • handful of walnuts
  • splash of coconut milk (or your preference)

I thought the celery and greens would interfere, but truth is they were absolutely delightful.  And I don’t care who you are, there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with sweet potatoes for breakfast.  Okay, so I haven’t shaken the sweet tooth just yet, but things are definitely looking up. Throw some greens in there – you just might be surprised. Delish!

Real Breakfast You DO Have Time For

Our week of Sugar Busting continues and we’re going to stay in that breakfast bowl, because honestly, there is a lot to do there.  Cold cereal is a wonder of the modern world.  It is fast.  It is easy.  And it is nutritious… well, okay, so that’s not always true.  In fact, in many cases cold cereal delivers a high sugar/low nutrition bang for a relatively large buck.  You may feel that you don’t have time for anything else, and I imagine that there many reasons that could lead you to feel that cold cereal or pre-packaged breakfast bars are the only realistic option.  I’d like to suggest that for 10 minutes of preparation, you could have a much healthier breakfast waiting for you in the morning.  C’mon, you know what I’m going to say, right?


  • $3.99/42 oz = .10¢ per ounce
  • Less than one gram sugar
  • 4g dietary fiber
  • 5g protein


  • $3.99/13 oz = .31¢ per ounce
  • 11 grams sugar
  • 1g dietary fiber
  • 1g protein


  • $3.69/14 oz = .26¢ per ounce
  • 1 gram sugar
  • 3 grams dietary fiber
  • 3 grams protein

Yes, of course, you were right, because what else could it be besides our old friend oatmeal.  Ok, so I’m not re-inventing the wheel here by suggesting that a little oatmeal might do you some good, but I think where food is concerned, so much of what we choose to do is driven by habit.  So I’m going to suggest that those of you who want to make affordable, healthy, real food, low-sugar breakfasts, give oatmeal another looky-loo.  Maybe you’re ready for an oatmeal habit.  No, not the packets that have all kinds of other bits besides oatmeal and cost a whole lot more, the plain old oatmeal in the cardboard container that you can turn into a drum when it’s empty (we try to keep things exciting around here).

There are MANY ways to prepare oatmeal, which is part of what is so great about it.  If you want to just give it a go for the first time since you were a kid, you should know that microwave preparation of a bowl of oatmeal takes approximately 5 minutes, including measuring.  Stovetop takes about 12.  I’m going to assume you can read the back of that cardboard box, but thought I would highlight how little time it actually takes.  My current favorite combination: 1/2c oatmeal cooked in 1c almond milk topped with a couple of chopped dates and walnuts.  Delish.  Not ready for unsweetened oatmeal yet?  Go ahead, give yourself a pinch of brown sugar.  If you stay under a teaspoon, you’re still under 5 total grams of sugar and you get the other goodies to go with it.  Cut back that sugar over time and let your taste buds learn how sweet a handful of raisins can be. Baby steps in the right direction have it all over standing completely still.

Still think it takes too long?  I’ve got some oatmeal shortcuts on the way.  And if you’re lucky, I’ll let you see the picture of the asparagus I picked from my patch.  YUM!!